Make sense of your data

What is Akvo Lumen™?

It’s a user-friendly, self-service data transformation, analysis and visualisation platform geared to help you get the most out of your data, even if you’re not a data specialist. It gives you an easy way to combine data sets from different sources and extract the information hidden within them.

Lumen integrates well with Akvo Flow, allowing you to upload your data easily, or even automatically – and in real time. It’s simple to integrate other data sources too, through a point and click interface – no programming required. Useful datasets such as country statistics and population density are provided out of the box.

Why do you need Lumen?

It’s clear that analysing, understanding and acting on data is critical to achieving your goals, but currently this is difficult and time consuming.

If you’re already using Akvo Flow – or even if you’re not – Lumen will really help you turn cumbersome data into better decisions and improved outcomes, saving you time and money in the process.

Akvo Lumen brings together four important components

  • Your data

    Your own data, which you can easily upload from any external source, e.g. food security or water point data from Akvo Flow.

  • Other data

    Curated open data sets from other sources. These include maps, population data, income distribution, access to infrastructure, water, sanitation, agriculture, hydrology, disease statistics and more.

  • A data mixing desk

    A data transformation and mixing platform. Combine data from your own and curated data sets and quickly produce insightful and useful integrated visualisations.

  • Publishing tools

    A dashboard publishing system that lets you publish the resulting visualisations in your own brand style and on your chosen web address. Share with a limited audience, or the world.

Get involved

Do you want to be the first to experience and road test Akvo Lumen, and help steer it’s development? Then please connect with us now.

About Akvo Lumen

Akvo Lumen is an open source data mixing and visualisation platform for the international development sector that will be provided as a service by the Akvo Foundation. (It was originally named Akvo Dash as a working title.) Lumen will initially be piloted with people involved in improving global water and sanitation services and infrastructure. We have been working closely with numerous partners who are leaders in their fields in order to benefit from their sector expertise and ensure we achieve a user-centric design.

Lumen is being created with financial support from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Cisco and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS).