Lars is responsible for overseeing all aspects of product development and technical operations within Akvo, In this role, he manages the teams responsible for developing and operating our digital products, ranging from concept management to operations of the digital platform.

Lars has a great deal of experience in software development, having worked in the industry since 1995. Prior to joining Akvo, he was most recently the CTO of the vehicle e-trade startup, Garantibil Sverige AB. His prior roles include software developer, CEO, game developer and computer textbook author. He has also served as a board member for a number of companies and organisations, including Jayway Stockholm AB, Funded By Me and Svenska Kyrkans Press AB. Lars is one of the founders of Stockholm Makerspace.

Lars studied informatics, media and communications science, sociology, philosophy and english at Umeå University. He is also a certified scrum master. Lars is based in Stockholm. Follow him @barse


Iván is currently focused on development of the back-end workings of Akvo’s software tools. Prior to joining Akvo, he spent five years at Openbravo where most recently he was the lead engineer for Openbravo Mobile and worked on the design and implementation of Openbravo 3. Iván has also worked as a software development contractor, system administrator and IT department head in other organisations. He is also a free/open source software user and advocate.

Iván has a bachelors degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the Central American University of Technology in Honduras and a diploma in Information Technologies from the Foro Europeo, Business School of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain. He is based in Pamplona, but travels back to Honduras when possible to visit family. Follow him on Twitter @katratxo.

Gabriel has been an independent software developer for 15 years. He works primarily in Python, the programming language upon which Akvo RSR is built, along with the website framework Django. Gabriel also leads the development and management of Akvo’s web servers based on Linux/Apache and MySQL.

He has been involved in a number of advanced software projects using emerging programming languages. He worked from 1999 to 2003 alongside Akvo founder Thomas Bjelkeman to build Zezame, an early AJAX-based application for web-based annotations. He has developed web applications for SEB, one of Sweden’s largest banks, for Microsoft Sweden and for Gambro, a medical equipment manufacturer. Gabriel studied maths and programming at Stockholm University and physics at Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). You can find Gabriel on Twitter at: @gabrie1

Loïc is responsible for web design and front-end user interface for Akvo. Prior to joining Akvo, Loïc was head of design at Arkkeo Oy, where he developed their user interface, and was also involved in user experience analysis, marketing and business strategy.

Prior to that, Loïc was the head of design for blinkbox, the first independent on-demand movie and television streaming service in the UK. Having joined at the inception of the company, he created the company’s visual identity and branding, as well as the first version of the website and video player. Loïc has also worked as a freelance illustrator and web designer for a diverse range of clients including photographers, fashion designers, architects and musicians. Loïc has a degree in Illustration and Computer Graphics from the Conservatoire Nationale des Arts et Métiers in Paris and a DEUG from the University of Bordeaux. He is based in Helsinki. You can find Loïc on Twitter at: @loicsans

Daniel joined Akvo in 2008, working on the development of Akvo RSR. He has contributed to all of Akvo’s products and had a key role in the release of RSR 2.0 and partner sites. Now he is focusing on the future evolution of the service-oriented backend platform. At Akvo, the major tools used are Clojure, Python, JavaScript & html. Prior to Akvo, Daniel developed apps for Mac and iOS both as a consultant and for his own projects.

He holds a BSc in Software Engineering from Lund University and has an MSc in International Project Management from Chalmers University of technology and Northumbria University. Even if Daniel is focusing on the backend he does enjoy working on the front end, thinking about user needs and how to make the experience as streamlined as possible. He is a generalist with a soft spot for simplicity and lean concepts. His home on the Internet is at and he tweets as @kardan. He’s based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Gabe is responsible for turning Akvo user interface design drafts into vibrant and interactive ones. He has a background in web and mobile application design and development. Previous projects include A Soft Murmur, a web and Android based ambient sound mixing application, used as a productivity and de-stressing tool. He’s skilled in JavasScript, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS. He has a Masters degree in Economics and English Literature, and is based in the UK.

Kiarii is an interaction designer. In this role, he is responsible for user experience and usability of Akvo tools. Prior to joining Akvo, Kiarii worked as a user experience (UX) designer at Asema electronics and as a project researcher at Aalto University in Helsinki. He has also worked as a freelance designer.

Kiarii’s aim is to become a human experience designer by exploring and building various human capacities and dimensions from the realms of design. His interests include design for optimal engagement, psychology, philosophy, history, sociology and everything in between. He has a bachelor’s degree in media engineering and a master’s degree in human computer interaction. He is based in Helsinki.

Mark is senior advisor at Akvo. He helps ensure the scientific quality and content of a number of Akvo projects in which science (data analysis, sensors, GIS, modelling) plays an important role. His main focus is Akvo Caddisfly.

Prior to this, Mark has held several roles in Akvo, such as product team lead, product manager of Lumen, product manager and developer of Flow, and editor of Akvopedia.

Studying physics and philosophy of technology at Technical University of Twente, he holds a PhD in physics from the Eindhoven Technical University. Previously head of communication of a Dutch scientific institute working on nuclear fusion, he also led communications for the European Fusion programme and international fusion experiment, ITER. On the Working Group on Development Techniques (WOT), at University of Twente, he develops and disseminates knowledge of simple technology for using wind, water and solar power in developing countries. He has conducted technical training on rope pumps in Nicaragua and Tanzania. He joined Akvo at the end of 2008. Follow him on Twitter @mtwestra.

As part of the product team, Jana is responsible for the success of Akvo Flow. Jana’s user- and problem-centric approach in software development stems from her experience in leading the discovery of an impact reporting software solution in Malaysia, as well as from working in various positions in the international development sector.

She has volunteered in multiple education projects in the slums in Kenya, was a monitoring and evaluation assistant at the Prince Claus Foundation in the Netherlands, and worked at the Permanent Mission of the Slovak Republic to the United Nations in the USA. She has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations at Matej Bel University in the Slovak Republic. She is based in Amsterdam. Follow her on Twitter

Nadia is responsible for the development of Akvo Lumen. She brings to Akvo a great deal of experience in microfinance and creating software products, as well as international experience, having worked in Russia, the UK and Germany. Prior to joining Akvo, Nadia worked as a project manager and business analyst for an international development consultancy where she helped develop microfinance platforms for partners in Central Asia.

Nadia has a BA and an MA from the Department of Economics and Management at St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University. She also earned an MA from the Department of Economic and Social History at University College London and the University of Helsinki through the Erasmus Mundus programme. Nadia is based in Amsterdam. Follow her @NadiaGorchakova.