Jeroen is responsible for developing and maintaining Akvo’s relationships with all types of partner organisations, with a particular focus on Europe and Africa. He works to achieve a balance in Akvo’s international activities, ensuring support is available for partners in countries where it’s needed. Until March 2012, he was chairman of Akvo’s board.

Jeroen ignited the Akvo phenomenon after meeting Thomas Bjelkeman at Stockholm World Water Week in summer 2006 and has steered Akvo’s evolution to ensure it is relevant to, and supported by, a wide range of implementation NGOs, funding partners and global institutions. He started his career as a geologist in Burkina Faso in 1982 and holds an MSc in Hydrology from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He worked throughout the 1980s in countries such as Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Niger, Mali, Indonesia and India, managing water supply and management projects on behalf of organisations such as the World Bank and the European Union. In 1998, Jeroen founded the Netherlands Water Partnership, where he built a dynamic network of over 200 member organisations that collaborate.

Thomas is a visionary systems architect and designer with both a software and environmental science background. He is our chief technology officer and steers the team to harness the maximum potential from open source methods. He began developing software ventures in Britain and California, working closely with many early-wave internet entrepreneurs.

A serial entrepreneur himself, he helped introduce web technology in corporate environments during the mid-nineties. In 1994, he helped start Stellent CMS which eventually sold to Oracle. In 1997 he co-founded web analytics company ISSEL and in 1999 Zezame, which built web page annotation systems. He is (still) trying to complete an MSc in Environmental Science at Stockholm University. Follow Thomas on Twitter @bjelkeman.

Kathelyne sits on our board of directors where she is responsible for the strategic development, implementation, measurement and reporting of Akvo’s financial and administrative operations. She also coordinates the finances of regional hub offices together with our hub managers and is a board member of the Akvo Kenya Foundation.

Kathelyne joined Akvo in 2009 as a project manager and gradually moved into a financial and operational role. Before Akvo, Kathelyne worked as an inspector and auditor at the Dutch Inspectorate of the Ministry of Transport and Water Management (IVW) where she analysed results and informed and advised policy makers and administrators in central government. She has an MSc in International Land and Water Management from Wageningen University and has worked on awareness-raising around irrigation and watershed management in field situations in Peru, Bangladesh and Jordan.

Kathelyne is based in our Amsterdam office. You can follow her on Twitter @kathelyne 


Peter is a co-founder of Akvo and directed partner relationships for over seven years. He is currently responsible for growing and developing Akvo’s regional partner relationships, with a particular focus on Asia and South East Asia & Pacific. He also represents the Akvo Foundation on the board of Akvo Kenya. Combining considerable field experience with a large contact network, he is a ‘connector’ between governmental organisations, corporates, NGOs and knowledge institutes.

Previously a programme manager at the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), he combines technical knowledge of water management with the ability to mobilise an extensive, high level network of international development changemakers across the world. He has an MSc in integrated water management and disaster studies from Wageningen University. He operates from Akvo’s regional office in Singapore and spends a lot of time in Indonesia. Follow Peter on Twitter @petervdl.

Maaike is responsible for the talent growth and human resource management at Akvo. She supports Akvo staff with professional and talent development. Her drive is to create healthy, inspiring and meaningful workplaces.

Maaike has had the privilege of working in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, in the Netherlands and abroad. She worked for several years in the field of HIV prevention and sexual reproductive health and rights, mainly with key populations as sex workers, youth and drug users.

Before working at Akvo, Maaike gained more experience in commercial consultancy activities. Her main focus was communication and leadership development. Maaike is skilled in several training and coaching methods. She prefers working with appreciative inquiry and positive psychological principles, because she believes that these methods are the most effective to change behaviour and organisations.

Maaike has a bachelor’s degree from the Universiteit van Amsterdam and a master’s in culture organisation and management from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Follow her @MaaikeVelden.Ingrid is Akvo’s office manager in Amsterdam. In this role, she is responsible for making sure the day-to day operations run smoothly.

Prior to joining Akvo, Ingrid was the office manager for non-governmental organisation (NGO), SPARK. She has also built a solid background in recruitment, having worked as a recruitment consultant for over 10 years for organisations such as VitalSelect, Presenior and Manpower.

Ingrid studied French language and literature at the University of Amsterdam. Follow her @IngridBudil.

Hans helps establish new programmes and consortia so partners can unleash the potential of Akvo RSR, Akvo FLOW, Akvopedia and Akvo Openaid. Hans has twenty years experience as a manager and director of programmes and divisions in the field of environmental and water management consultancy.

Before joining Akvo he was a director of corporate marketing and communications and deputy director of the Environment division at Royal Haskoning. One of Europe’s top project management, engineering and consultancy groups, it is the oldest consultancy firm in the Netherlands, established in 1881. As a management consultant at the firm Proven Partners, he worked for several years on knowledge management initiatives. Hans studied civil engineering, water management and sanitation as a geohydrologist at TU Delft, including a period in Burkina Faso. From University, he joined Iwaco BV as a researcher, then project manager and later regional director, leading teams focused on water management and soil & groundwater quality. He is based in the Netherlands.

Harro is responsible for developing and managing the European Commission funded projects at Akvo, which include AfriAlliance and GroundTruth 2.0.

Besides working for Akvo, Harro also works as programme manager for the European Water Stewardship, a Europe-wide initiative to promote and improve sustainable water management with professional water users. Prior to this, Harro worked for Corporation Blue, a consultancy focused on water innovation and development. Harro started his career at the European Water Partnership where he held several positions, including lobbying for the topic of “water” at the European Institutions; organising events, including the European Policy Summits on Water in 2006, 2007 and 2008; coordinating the European Regional Process for the Fifth World Water Forum; developing and coordinating a number of European Projects under the LIFE, CIP and FP7 programmes and supporting the development and implementation of the European Water Stewardship programme.

Harro holds a master’s degree in International Relations from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands. Follow him @HPR78.

Charlotte is a project manager and is responsible for managing a range of existing partnerships and programmes, as well as engaging with new partners. In addition, she helps partners implement and facilitate training workshops on the use of Akvo tools. At the beginning of 2018, Charlotte moved from Amsterdam to Bali to strengthen the South East Asia and Pacific team.

Charlotte has an MSc in Sustainable Tourism and Environment from Wageningen University. Her master’s thesis for WWF Indonesia focused on participatory tourism development in the Wakatobi Marine National Park in Sulawesi, where she spent several months doing fieldwork. She also has a BA in Facility Management from Diedenoort University. Before moving into the international development sector, Charlotte worked in a variety of facilities management and communications roles in Australia and the Netherlands. Follow Charlotte on Twitter @charlottesoed.

Machteld is programme manager and part of the West Africa team. She manages multi-annual, multi-country programmes and is responsible for several partnerships.

Machteld has expertise in environmental and climate issues, integrated water management and water and agriculture. Before joining Akvo, she worked as an independent consultant and as a farmer. Prior to that, she worked for the Netherlands Water Partnership, where she supported the Dutch embassies in West Africa and the Middle East in the formulation and execution of their bilateral water programmes. She also worked as a programme coordinator of media and politics for the Palestinian Mission to the Netherlands.

Machteld has a bachelor’s degree in European Studies from The Hague University and a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences, specialising in Integrated Water Management from Wageningen University (MSc). She is based in Amsterdam.