For the past seven years we’ve been working with hundreds of international organisations to bring projects online with Akvo RSR in order to provide a consistent and consumable format for activities to be presented to the world.

One of the most powerful features of Akvo RSR – as it stands today – is that it brings a voice to people working in the field via RSR updates. With the introduction of RSR Up early in 2014, this was brought to Android devices. We’ve seen first hand the impact this can have for internal communication to increase visibility for projects as things happen, as well as creating an interesting narrative for everyone to be able to see and gain insights into progress and achievements.

With a focus on making things simple, we will be providing a brand new visual interface that not only makes the site look prettier than it has been for a while, but also gives users easier access to the actions they need to carry out as part of their work.

We’re also improving the IATI compatibility of the platform and making more changes under the hood that will allow us to roll out more specialised and needed functionality in the future. While we see this as a big release – after all we’ve been working on it for several months – we’re not stopping here.


The new version of Akvo RSR is IATI compatible.

Fulfilling the vision
Our next stop is taking a bold step into monitoring, evaluation and accountability. We will bring additional data collection functions into key roles and processes, that can be used for decision-making internally as well as for official reporting towards funders and donors.

We can’t give you too many specifics of how this is going to work right now, but you’ll be seeing the first glimpses of this functionality being introduced by summer 2015. Get ready for RSR in its maximum expression.

Adrian Collier is the product manager for Akvo RSR.
Photo credit: t-mizo