Exhibit A – Akvo Flow Services and Support Terms and Conditions

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1 – Introduction

The Akvo Flow Services Terms and Conditions are part of the Akvo General Terms and Conditions.

2 – Product Assumptions

The following assumptions have been made in defining the Agreement and any changes to these assumptions may require a corresponding change in scope:

  • 2.1. This service is specifically for supporting the Partner instance of Akvo Flow under the Agreement, including the Akvo Flow pricing plan describing the number of forms that can be submitted, support by Akvo and a price for adding further forms. There are no limits on the number of Akvo Flow dashboard users or on report generation.
  • 2.2. Minimal use of Akvo Flow under the Agreement will be one (1) year. The Partner can decide to sign a Multi-year Agreement for the use of Akvo Flow. In that case a 10% discount will be given on the software costs as applicable on the specific agreed plan.
  • 2.3. Akvo Flow, additional forms or upgrades purchased will be made available to the partner upon receipt of an accepted purchase order.
  • 2.4. Within the agreed plan under the Agreement, a partner can buy additional forms to be submitted to Akvo Flow. This against the unit costs as mentioned in the Agreement. Additional costs will be invoiced along with the end of year invoice as described in the Agreement.
  • 2.5. A Partner can decide to upgrade to a more extensive plan at any time. This will be agreed upon in an addendum to the existing Agreement. Intermediate invoicing of the additional costs will be based upon the price difference between plans and proportional to the period during which the new plan will be used as described in the addendum. A Partner can decide to down grade to a less extensive planat the end of each contract year within the Agreement. This will be agreed upon in a new Agreement. The Akvo Flow x4kplan represents the minimal contract for the use of Akvo Flow.
  • 2.6. Partners may not assign the Akvo Flow instance or services -or any benefit -to a third partner, without the prior written approval of Akvo.
  • 2.7. Partner agrees to be an implementing partner,with no additional feature development. Any Akvo Flow development or adaptation we undertake in this engagement will be limited to bug fixes and general support. Akvo welcomes suggestions for improvement of the software and services. Feature requests or enhancements can become part of the development roadmap of Akvo Flow.
  • 2.8. Partner agrees to consider participating in and contributing to video interviews and blogs about the project and their usage experience.
  • 2.9. If a new release Akvo Flow will become available the current instance will be updated for no additional cost. The Partner has to update all mobile devices as necessary.
  • 2.10. Akvo Flow is a product that is continuously improved. New features will be made available to our partners in new releases.All user feedback from our partners will be usedtofurther develop the product and its features, providing accessibility and functionality to an increasing user base, and removing barriers to using the product.
  • 2.11.The Akvo Flow terms of usecan be found here:https://akvo.org/help/akvo-policies-and-terms-2/akvo-flow-terms-of-use

* This should be enough for even very large data collection efforts. As an example: a large 4-month WSP data collection in Sierra Leone with 150 phones collected 29.000 data points, well within the limit. If you plan to go over this, please contact us.

3 – Project assumptions

Costs and activities related to the use of Akvo Flow are clearly marked in the Agreement.

Any required Akvopedia, Akvo RSR and/or Akvo Caddisfly services are covered under separate services terms and conditions. Akvopedia is accessible free of charge.

Last updated 26 January 2016