International development can be deeply complex

Having the right knowledge and resources to effectively collaborate can be a challenge. Good data is critical for contributing to impact, and the right skills and tools are essential for data-driven decision making.


So how do you ensure success, from designing and implementing your programme to creating sustainable change?


Since 2008, we’ve helped over 20 governments and 200 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) become more effective through our unique approach to development and data.


Our approach to your data journey

We provide a series of services to ensure you succeed at every step of your programme. We support these services with our open source data platform to help you capture, clean, visualise and share your data in the best way possible.

Gain clarity on the context of your programme, the problem you are trying to solve, the data you need, and the roles and responsibilities of each partner.  

Capture reliable and high quality data from the start. Monitor your data collection to ensure accuracy and track progress.

Extract the insights that matter. Clean, analyse and visualise your data and turn it into valuable information and knowledge.

Share insights with the relevant people, generate dialogue, encourage decision making and continuously improve your work.

Gain a deep understanding of the context

What problem are you trying to solve and which factors will influence your goals? What work has already been done and who was involved? We’ll help you look at the bigger picture and establish a strong base for your data planning.

Define your data needs and measure progress

What data is needed to answer your questions? What data already exists and what do you still need to capture? We’ll ensure that the right research is done and the correct indicators are chosen to effectively monitor progress.

Lay the foundation for an effective collaboration

What needs to be done to reach the programme’s goals and who is best suited to act? Together, we’ll achieve a common understanding of the programme and the roles and responsibilities of each partner.

Design your surveys and sampling method

How can you ensure that your data is accurate and reliable? We’ll support you in designing your surveys and selecting your sampling method to ensure that your data is representative and consistent with current data standards.

Find the best way to capture your data

Which tools will you use to gather your data? And which skills are necessary in capturing it? We’ll train data collectors to get the job done effectively, with a strong focus on local context. We’ll guide you in selecting the best tools to ensure efficiency.

Monitor your data quality as it comes in

How can you verify the quality of your data on the go? Conducting data quality checks regularly means you’ll avoid problems down the line. We’ll assist you in conducting these checks, saving you resources and avoiding mistakes.

Prepare, clean and transform your data

What data sources are you planning to combine? Is your data clean and ready for analysis? We’ll guide you in preparing your data to ensure consistency and reliability from the start.

Analyse your data and gather insights

How can you extract the right answers from your data? Together, we’ll discover the patterns in your data so that you can transform it into information and knowledge that can be used.

Visualise your data in a clear and compelling way

What message are you trying to communicate? We’ll help you translate your data into compelling visuals and narratives for data driven decision making. From interactive maps to digestible dashboards, graphs and charts.

Share your data to influence change

What’s your goal in sharing your data and who needs to see it? We’ll support you in sharing your insights and stories in the best way possible, online or offline, public or private. From live dashboards to integrated websites and customised reports that speak directly to your audience.

Use your insights for data driven decisions

How can you amplify your insights and create lasting impact? We can organise workshops and training courses to help you trigger evidence-based decision making and tell the stories that matter.

Evaluate and implement lessons learned

What works, what doesn’t and why? We’ll help you evaluate your progress, provide end to end user feedback, and make sure current and future programmes benefit from the work you’ve already done.

Create sustainable change with Akvo

Let’s work together to accelerate progress towards equal access to services and a healthier environment.

Some of the organisations we’ve worked with

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