Link to or upload data sets from diverse sources. This includes surveys in Akvo Flow, and others.


Turning messy data into high quality information you can rely on just got much faster and easier. Clean, filter, aggregate and combine datasets, and enrich them with geocoding, scores and calculations.


Build graphs, maps and charts quickly and easily. See and show the stories captured in your data.


Easily design and create online and shareable dashboards. Display your visualisations with context. Share them with a limited audience or the world, via a website, iframe or widget.

We take a collaborative, partnership approach to supporting you on your data journey. And we provide a range of training, support and consultancy services to help you at every step of researching, transforming, analysing and finding insights within your datasets.

Tool training

So that you can make the most of each and every feature, we provide tool training. We train people – from data specialists, through to people who’ve never seen a smartphone before – to use Akvo tools to their full potential. We have offices and experienced training staff all around the world.

Tool support

When you have a question or an issue with one of our tools, we’re here to support you both online and on location. Besides our online documentation, we provide regional and remote technical support with offices and staff spread across the world.  

Technical consultancy

Akvo’s technical consultants are there to provide expert advice on the smooth usage of IT tools. For example on data use, application of APIs and IT process design. They are located in all of Akvo’s main hubs.

Monitoring data collection

Monitoring data collection as it happens can help prevent problems down the line, but knowing how to verify the data collection process can be a challenge. Is the quality up to scratch? Is your sampling going as planned? We can support you in these checkups.

Data analysis

Knowing how to analyse your data to extract the insights that matter can be a challenge. We have data experts around the world to help you translate your data into information that can be used. This involves everything from data quality checks, to cleaning, transformation, and analysis.

Data visualisation

Visualising your data brings it to life, and knowing how to visualise it in the right way for the right people gives it meaning. Our data analysts and GIS experts can help you translate your data into clear, compelling, and actionable visuals.

Data storytelling

Unlock the stories in your data and share them with the people who need to see them. We can help you communicate the insights gained through your data with visually pleasing and easily digestible dashboards, reports, and interactive sites.

Data science

Maximise the potential of various datasets, from data you have collected to data from other sources. We use a combination of mathematics, statistics, and computer science to help you discover the hidden patterns in your datasets.

Report creation

We automate to achieve efficiency. Automatic report creation is a major time saver. Our technical consultants can develop custom reports to meet your organisation’s needs.

Open data sharing

Contribute to or make use of open data platforms such as the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) and the Water Point Data Exchange (WPDX). We can help you work with various formats, integrate different data sources, and ensure the data is useful for the audience.

Decision making

Unleash the power of your data. Trigger evidence-based decision making. Enable positive change. Through the right use of data, you can steer your projects in the right direction. We’re here to help you create sustainable impact.

Multiple data sources

Lumen lets you upload data sets directly from Akvo Flow (soon this will include monitoring forms and repeated question groups), as well as CSV files from a local computer, or via a link from other locations.

Easy to use

The clear and well designed user interface is fast and simple to use, even if you don’t have complex data skills.

Fast data cleaning

In a few mouse clicks, you can remove white spaces and blank cells, change case, apply filters, switch data type, solve inconsistencies in numerical and date-format, and sort, rename, combine or delete columns.

Merge data sets

Easily combine data sets from different sources to release new stories and insights (coming soon).

Make calculations 

Derive new columns to carry out calculations and create new expressions, e.g. to implement a decision model, check data quality or apply scoring based on the contents of several other columns.

Transformation logs 

Lumen logs all the transformations made to your data, so the process is fully transparent. You can look back to see who did what, and revert to old versions if you need to – removing the risk of damage to your data.

Lots of visualisation options

Use Lumen’s curated data sets (coming soon) and your own data to create interactive bars, pies, areas or line charts, maps, pivot tables and scatter plot graphs – all in moments.  

Create dashboards

Organise your visualisations into attractive dashboards, and design how you want them to look. Bring your insights together, add context to tell the stories of your data, and share them online.

Easy to share

Publish your dashboards and visualisations in the form of a website, iframe or widget on a variety of devices, and with a variety of access possibilities.

Automatic updating

Visualisations and dashboards will automatically update when the underlying data changes. In future you can schedule these updates.

Data flows

Transformations will be automatically reapplied when new data comes in and you refresh your data set. This means live data can be cleaned and transformed, and existing static data can be turned into self updating, flowing data sources.

Monitoring Flow data

Easily import and work with Flow monitoring data. This means you can analyse data over time, assess the quality of your data collection process and monitor progress towards your goal (coming soon.)