Show the scope and range of your work on your website, or create a new site. Make it visible, searchable and discoverable.


Give programme managers a structured stream of information and data about progress, results, value for money and workflow.


Show your results online, export template and custom reports and share your work via the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).

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Your projects online

A web page for each project with all the key facts; who’s doing what where, who’s benefitting and how.

Your website or a new site

RSR knits seamlessly into your existing online presence incorporating your own branding and web style. Or if you prefer, we can create a standalone site.

Rich information

As well as results indicators and IATI data, RSR lets you share the journey of your work with words, pictures and video.

Live updates

Team members post updates on the latest status so everyone knows what’s happening.

Desk or field

The Akvo RSR Up Android app lets you post updates from your smartphone, even when you’re out of signal range.


View and export project data

Create reports using templates, or customise your own. View them online or export them.

IATI compatible

Publish your results easily to the International Aid Transparency Initiative registry. Import IATI files to RSR and enrich and share them online with photos, videos and updates.

Data sharing

Export data via CSV file, IATI XML, JSON, RSS feed, Word, PDF, XLS or social media like Twitter or Facebook.


Monitor progress

Monitor and evaluate your projects, define your objectives and indicators, and track progress using a simple web interface.

Track results

RSR's results framework makes it easy for your partners to tell you the results they’ve achieved at regular intervals, reducing the reporting burden on them and you.

Project hierarchies

Define results indicators at the programme overview level and import relevant results from implementing partners at the project level.

Akvo RSR at a glance

Each project gets its own page on your website

Dynamic, relevant, up to date information, photos and videos keep everyone up to speed with what’s happening on the ground.

Submitting information to the IATI database

Simply tick the IATI box on the Akvo RSR project entry screen and the IATI fields relevant for your organisation appear. Fill them in, and that’s it – your data is ready to publish to the IATI registry.

Create reports in moments

Choose from our growing range of templates or customise your own report.

  • Akvo RSR API

    An API or Application Programming Interface is a way for machines to read and write information to each other through a series of established protocols and tools.

    RSR’s API lets you collect or send information automatically to or from other platforms. So if you want to pull data from RSR into your own online systems we can help you do that, and display it however you like. >>

Let’s do this together

Opening up your work online takes more than just new technology. It needs patience and hard work. Our staff understand both technology and international development. 

We provide local and remote training, consultancy and support services that help your team get the most from Akvo RSR. 

Training and support


Our training courses teach field staff to tell the story of their work by creating interesting updates, photos and videos.


We'll help you get the most out of RSR's reporting capabilities.
Akvo is geared to help you and your team through your journey to IATI compliancy.


We have monitoring and evaluation specialists on hand to help you devise and implement effective results frameworks and indicators.

Our online help centre provides a range of learning resources. But if you get stuck, we’re here to help.

What our partners say

Akvo RSR is priced according to the number of projects hosted. The more projects, the lower the cost per project. 

For 20 projects, the cost is under €12 per project per month, dropping to less than €1 for 2000 projects. For more than 250 projects, please contact us for pricing information. 

Prices include day to day technical support from our team and via our online help centre

We also provide excellent consultancy and training for users. Please ask us to quote.

Akvo is a non-profit foundation. We set our prices to ensure we provide well-supported, high quality, affordable software and services that continue to improve over time, are sustainable for the long term and provide exceptional value for money. 

We run our software as a service for over a thousand partners, so we can develop and support it at a lower cost than any partner could achieve doing the same in-house.