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Akvo’s tools are used by hundreds of organisations around the world from small local NGOs to national governments and multilateral aid organisations. Below is a snapshot of what’s going on across the network of organisations using our tools right now.

You can find out about our core partners and the main programmes we support on our partners page or browse all the projects and organisations currently on Akvo RSR.

This page will be expanded significantly over the next few months, with more in-depth data.

Data collected with Akvo tools

  • Akvo RSR

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      € 28.057billion

    How is this data collected? Automatically from the Akvo RSR database via the RSR API

    How often is this data refreshed? Every four hours.

  • Akvo Flow

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    How is this data collected? Manually, via a script run on the Google App Enging FLOW instances.

    How often is this data refreshed? Monthly.

RSR: Latest project updates

  • RSR Update

    IADS Project Celebrated a Charrette on March 15 and 16, 2017

    • by  Khin Myatthu
    • Capacity Building is one of the key elements of the IADS Project. Regarding to this, IADS Project team brought a Charrette to Myanmar Working Group members on March 15 and 16, 2017. Before this, we also had Workshops in the Inception Phase. Mainly focus on the purpose to motivating the Myanmar Working Group members participate enthusiastically in the project then to manage and challenge the future projects themselves. Three YEP-ers from IADS team eagerly organized and participated in Charrette to motivating Myanmar Working Groups.

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  • RSR Update

    IADS Project Team news was proudly pressed in Myanmar's National Newspaper

    • by  Khin Myatthu
    • Integrated Ayeyawady Delta Strategy (IADS) Project team's Delta Site Visit and community meeting in Kyaunggon Township news was proudly pressed in Myanmar National Newspaper named Myanma A Linn on March 15, 2017 as long as the meeting was celebrated on March 13, 2017. (3 YEP-ers are proudly working together on IADS Project, Myanmar).

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  • RSR Update

    IADS Project Site Visit to Delta via 4 Dutch Experts on March 13, 2017

    • by  Khin Myatthu
    • On March 13, 2017, the IADS project team conveyed a community meeting in Kyaunggon Township in Ayeyawaddy Region. Four Dutch Experts (including 1 Dutch Water YEP-er, Johannes de Groot) and two local young experts (including 1 local Water YEP-er, Khin Myat Thu) participated in the meeting and had a site visit around the Ayeyawaddy delta sector. The discussion was about the floods in the city area and current and past situation of the city's socio-economic state. The meeting went well comprehensively and the next day on March 15, 2017, our IADS team's news in Kyaunggon community meeting was pressed in the National News Paper named Myanma A Linn (Myanmar's Future Light).

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