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Akvo’s tools are used by hundreds of organisations around the world from small local NGOs to national governments and multilateral aid organisations. Below is a snapshot of what’s going on across the network of organisations using our tools right now.

You can find out about our core partners and the main programmes we support on our partners page or browse all the projects and organisations currently on Akvo RSR.

This page will be expanded significantly over the next few months, with more in-depth data.

Data collected with Akvo tools

  • Akvo RSR

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      € 35.163billion

    How is this data collected? Automatically from the Akvo RSR database via the RSR API

    How often is this data refreshed? Every four hours.

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    How is this data collected? Manually, via a script run on the Google App Enging FLOW instances.

    How often is this data refreshed? Monthly.

RSR: Latest project updates

  • RSR Update

    WASH Awareness programme at KumarBegpali Village, Podapadar GP

    • by  Santosh Mishra
    • We organized a WASH awareness programme at Kumar Begapalli Village of Podapadar GP. More than 60 SHG members were participated in the programme. During the discussion the members were came to know about the WASH scenario of their village and shown their interest to construct Individual toilets for safe sanitation practices. Also asked the system how they can get piped water supply at their door steps. This implies that the villagers lack of information and need more BCC.

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  • RSR Update

    Formation aux normes de rapportage IATI

    • by  Jean-Pierre DEGUE
    • Les Chargés de programmes, de suivi-évaluation, les financiers et les communicateurs du programme PartiCiP prennent part les 18, 19 et 20 octobre 2017 à Cotonou à une formation sur le Rapportage IATI à travers l’outil RSR.

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  • RSR Update

    Anak Muda Pundatabaji Bentuk Tim Youth Hub

    • by  Kautsar Asrun
    • Anak muda Pundatabaji dan Oxfam berkumpul di Kantor desa Pundatabaji, Kabupaten Pangkajene dan Kepualauan (Pangkep), Jumat (20/10/2017). Mereka membahas persiapan pembentukan tempat kumpul anak muda (Youth Hub). Pada pertemuan kali ini, anak muda mempersiapkan tim untuk pembentukan Youth Hub desanya. Anak muda yang yang tergabung dalam tim adalah M. Faisal, M.Rifki Rifaldi, Hartina, Andi Irfan Rasyid, Nur Atira, Dewi Nurhatima, Fitra M, Husnia P, Devi Yulanda Syarif, Putri M, dan Riska. Selanjutnya anak-anak muda sepakat untuk berkumpul kembali pada hari Minggu (5/11/2017). Agendanya melakukan pendekatan Human Centered Design (HCD) untuk membangun Youth Hub. `Kode Aktivitas` ##Pundatabaji Youth Form a Team for The Youth Hub## Pundatabaji youth and Oxfam gather at Pundatabaji village office, Pangkajene and Kepualauan districts (Pangkep), Friday (20/10/2017). They discussed the preparation of a youth gathering place (Youth Hub). At this meeting, youth prepare the team for the formation of the Youth Hub in their village. Youth who are members of the team are M. Faisal, M.Rifki Rifaldi, Hartina, Andi Irfan Rasyid, Nur Atira, Nurhatima Dewi, Fitra M, Husnia P, Devi Yulanda Sharif, Princess M, and Riska. They also agreed to reunite on Sunday (5/11/2017). The agenda is to use the Human Centered Design (HCD) method to build Youth Hub. `Activity Code:`

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