Boosting the impact of development programmes

Data and technology have the potential to transform development: more empowered people, better policy and programme decisions, and more effective service delivery.

With our data services and tech solutions, we help organisations, NGOs and governments become data driven so they can reach their goals and contribute to a better world.

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Akvo's unique approach

We make development clear and strategic

Our partners face a number of key challenges - from messy data to unclear insights. These challenges can lead to ineffective development and wasted resources.

Our proven approach to data-driven development will ensure that you start your programme strategically, capture reliable data, create compelling visualisations, make decisions with confidence, and contribute to impact.

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Ebook: How to measure the income of smallholder farmers

A step-by-step guide for development professionals

How to improve development efforts implementing WASH programmes

Discover how a data-centric approach towards WASH programmes can improve development efforts

Collecting and processing development data takes skill and time. Akvo’s software and services make dealing with data less complicated and help you get better results.

Data informed decision making is about more than just having a data collection tool; it’s about transforming the way you work with data, from designing your programme to generating results. We build on the tools and skills you might already have in place so that the data solution you have is perfect for you. 

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Our data and development experts provide you with services to build your team’s data skills at every stage of the data journey: programme design, PMEL, data collection, analysis, visualisation, open data sharing and reporting. 

Our data platform streamlines your data processes, allows your teams to collaborate, and brings your data journey to life. The platform is aimed at the WASH and agriculture sectors and can be tailored to organisational requirements. 

We believe in open data, open content and open software at Akvo. All our software is free and open source. You can run and customise it yourself using the code from GitHub. But we know how hard this is. To make your life easier and cheaper, we can host and run the platform for you and scale it according to your needs. This means that for a fee, you can benefit from continuous improvement, added functionalities and a support team. What's more, our business model ensures that we're financially sustainable and that our tools will be around in the future.

We take data handling very seriously. When you choose to share any data or information with us or use our products, we commit to treating it with respect. We comply with the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and have strong data security and privacy protection policies, frameworks, and procedures in place. We always store data securely, ensure that data is safely encrypted, and don’t share your data with any third parties. Your imported data is owned by you.

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