We empower citizens and their governments to become data driven so that they can solve complex problems in water, agriculture, and climate.

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We make development clear and strategic

Our partners face a number of key challenges - from messy data to unclear insights. These challenges can lead to ineffective development and wasted resources.

Our series of design, data and tech services will ensure that you start your programme strategically, capture and use reliable data, make decisions with confidence, and contribute to impact.

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Becoming data-driven may seem like a daunting task. 

That doesn't mean you can't make major gains in the short term.

We'll help you use the available resources to achieve maximum impact in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

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Data driven decision making is about more than just having a data collection tool; it’s about improving data quality and data use throughout your programme. This is why we kick start your programme with a design phase to gain clarity on your objectives, the data you need, and the roles and responsibilities of each partner.

Once your programme is set up for cost-effective and sustainable success, our data and tech services ensure that you have the skills and systems to do effective PMEL, data collection, data analysis, data visualisation, open data sharing and reporting.

Our team is supported by expert leads with 10+ years of sector experience in water and WASH, agriculture and smallholder farming, and climate action. We boost impact by applying sector specific knowledge, frameworks and methodologies to our data and tech solutions. Whether you are a government looking to set up an SDG dashboard to track SDG 6 or and NGO looking to effectively track your programme’s results with a monitoring dashboard, we can help.

Akvo has a presence in Europe, East Africa, West Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Americas. We have representatives in many countries, including Uganda, Nepal, India and Colombia. Our teams have a deep understanding of the local context, while our experience around the globe can be easily scaled and adopted to other regions. 

The Akvo team is made up of a diverse and talented group of experts, from software developers to monitoring and evaluation specialists; from data scientists to water quality experts. We have collected over 10 million data points in more than 70 countries, and worked with 200 organisations and 20 governments worldwide.

And last but not least, Akvo values responsible data and development practices. We prioritise data privacy and apply open source standards and practices in our day to day work. Working with us guarantees proper data governance. We assign data stewards, apply data access controls, and push for information sharing solutions within our organisation.

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