Our organisations

Akvo operates on a not-for-profit, not-for-loss basis. It develops and operates its products under a unified service brand but comprises a number of distinct organisational entities. We have established legal entities in a number of countries in which we work. These are adapted to the local legal and regulatory frameworks in place and are appropriate to our values and mission. 

Akvo is an international organisation with not-for-profit status at our headquarters in the Netherlands (ANBI), and our offices in Kenya and in the United States (501(c)(3)). In India and in Singapore, we operate as a limited company. We aim for 100% ownership of each company by the Akvo Foundation wherever feasible.

The Netherlands organisation is responsible for strategic direction, global partnerships and operating our online and mobile services. The United States, Kenya, India and Singapore organisations are responsible for the direction of regional strategies, business development, partnerships, operations and fundraising.

Download Akvo organisations’ articles of incorporation.

Akvo Foundation

The Akvo Foundation (or Stichting Akvo, in Dutch) is headquartered in Amsterdam. Here we provide strategic direction for the Akvo network, as well as managing our global partnerships. The intellectual property rights of our open source products are held with the Foundation and it also operates our online and mobile services.

Supervisory board:

    Board of directors:

      Akvo Foundation USA

      Board of directors:


          Akvo Kenya Foundation

          Board of directors:


              Akvo Singapore Limited

                Akvo Development Tools and Services (ADTS) India

                  Akvo KPPA (representative office) Indonesia