Annual report 2014

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Seven years and counting...

Akvo designs, builds and helps people use open source web and mobile software services, for use in the world’s poorest communities. Suddenly, teams can gather and interpret data that leads rapidly to better decisions, interventions and new services for those most vulnerable to poverty, climate change and environmental and economic shocks.

We turned seven in 2014, and experienced solid growth. A team of 59 people enabled a global network of thousands of partner organisations in over 100 countries, including NGOs, governments, UN agencies and private firms. By the end of the year, almost one million data points had been collected or monitored using Akvo FLOW.  The budget value of projects and programmes using Akvo RSR, our online reporting tool, doubled to over €1 billion. Akvo’s team expanded to include new technical, training and project management staff on the ground, in hubs around world.

We need to thank everyone who’s followed our journey since 2007, worked with us to date and helped guide us to this point in time. 4.3 billion people are still not online, and 90 per cent of those live in the developing world. As that digital gap closes, we have an unprecedented opportunity – to ensure information technology leads quickly to improvements in people’s living conditions and environments.

Chairman's statement

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Programme overview

Here are some of the main programmes and strategic partnerships we were involved with in 2014. Or have a look at the complete list of programmes we are currently involved in. 


SNV and Akvo are collaborating globally to improve international development approaches and methods. SNV uses Akvo FLOW at a national level in Zambia, Laos, Burkina Faso and Mali and to conduct households surveys in 11 countries within the DFID-funded SSH4A Results programme. We’re looking at new potential collaboration opportunities in other sectors such as agriculture and renewable energy.


WWF-Indonesia is using Akvo tools to collect data on bycatch in the fishery sector, and to map the nesting sites of sea turtles across Indonesia so they can be better protected. It’s an interesting example of Akvo FLOW being used for good work beyond water and sanitation. Find out more about our partnership with WWF-Indonesia.


Cisco Inc supported Akvo in executing a successful funding round for Akvo FLOW in the United States in 2012. As part of this round, it provided a grant of $100,000 for the development of the Akvo FLOW software platform. This was followed up in 2014 by an additional $225,000 grant for the further development of FLOW.


Akvo is participating in this public-private partnership to build a nationwide, long term monitoring tool for better functionality of water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in Ghana using Akvo FLOW.


Akvo works closely with UNICEF in West and Central Africa, Ethiopia and the Pacific Region to conduct national water-point mapping and continuous monitoring exercises.

Connect4Change (2011-2015)

Connect4Change is a five-year consortium of Dutch development organisations working with local partners to apply technology to accelerate development in 11 countries in Africa and Latin America. Akvo’s role has been to help everyone involved to gather data, share knowledge, bring project information online and simplify reporting. In Uganda, Akvo FLOW is being used to help Health Office staff monitor patient satisfaction.

PPP Phase 3 (2014-2017)

Phase 3 of our partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS) builds on our achievements in reporting and monitoring directly from the field using internet and mobile tools. This new phase further develops, extends and interlinks our existing product range to provide a framework that can be used for paperless reporting and monitoring and the free and open interchange of data at scale.

Dutch WASH Alliance (2011-2015)

Dutch WASH Alliance aims to increase access to safe and sustainable water and sanitation services and improve hygiene practices, especially for women and marginalised communities. It’s a five-year programme headed by a consortium of Dutch development organisations working with local partners in Bangladesh, Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Uganda and Nepal. Akvo’s role has been to support knowledge-sharing, fundraising, and project reporting using RSR and FLOW.


ICCO works with partners in 41 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe to improve development cooperation and outcomes. In 2013, ICCO and Akvo formed a global strategic partnership focused on driving more innovative approaches by combining our collective knowledge and field experience with the benefits of Akvo’s open source mobile and internet tools. Read more about our work with ICCO in Java, Indonesia

Millennium Water Alliance

Backed by USAID, Coca Cola and FEMSA, this major consortium of US NGOs in the field of water and sanitation works towards realising the water and sanitation elements of the Millennium Development Goals. Akvo supports MWA in Latin America and East Africa, where it’s using FLOW for project monitoring in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Colombia and Kenya. MWA also uses the Akvo RSR API to publish its projects on its website.

Water For People

Since Akvo took over the development of Akvo FLOW in 2012, Water For People continues to use it across all of its programmes to address current and future challenges of water systems and services. WFP also remains an active member of the FLOW technical advisory committee.

Aqua for All

We’ve had a strategic partnership with Dutch foundation Aqua for All almost since our inception. It’s brought over 190 projects online with RSR and is helping us deploy FLOW in other consortia programmes like Football for Water. We’re working together to expand our joint partnerships in the United States, in conjunction with DGIS.

Some Stories of 2014

Financials 2014

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Income in €000
Income own fundraising
-Fundraising activites 0
-Project contributions 51
Total income own fundraising 51
Government subsidies 2,071
Other income 1,788
Total income 3,910
Costs in €000
Expenditure on behalf on the objectives 2,824
Expenditure on fundraising 90
Management and administration 923
Charged staff costs -3,191
Charged material costs -649
Direct staff costs 3,191
Direct material costs 649
Total costs 3,837
Balance of income and costs 73

Reflections and perspectives

Everyone in Akvo experiences things differently. Here is what some of our staff are saying about 2014, its challenges, and how we’re changing things.