How do you extract value from your data and transform it into information and knowledge that can be used?

With our team of data and development experts, we’ll add a strong data analytics element to your programme and help you clean, analyse and visualise your data at scale. With Akvo, you can generate meaningful insights that lead to better decision making and reveal the most effective path towards impact.

Unlock the value of your data.

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What kind of data analytics services does Akvo offer?

Identify how to solve problems with analytics solutions

Help design your analytics projects

Prepare and clean your data to ensure accuracy, completeness, and uniformity

Conduct data analysis to identify trends and generate insights for decision making

Apply data science concepts to your data, from predictive modelling to machine learning

Communicate insights through data visualisations and interactive dashboards

Our work

Predicting water point status using machine learning
Sustainable solutions through data science with ICCO
Using data science to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers

Want to generate more insights from your data?

Akvo can support you with data cleaning, analysis, storytelling and data science.

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