We’re on a mission to make the agriculture sector more sustainable, fair and climate resilient. We help organisations ensure compliance with sustainability standards, maximise the use of data, and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

Supporting sustainable agriculture

Smallholder farmers produce a third of the world’s food. They also face huge barriers, from unpredictable weather conditions to a lack of market access.

High quality data and information are crucial to decision making, collaboration, and monitoring, for all types of stakeholders: farmers themselves, NGOS, governments and private sector actors.

How Akvo can help

We offer data and technology services tailored to your needs and goals, and we bring in sector expertise and local presence to ensure that the work we do is contextually relevant and sustainable.

Collecting comparable data at scale
We have developed surveys, tools, and methodologies to collect comparable data at scale without compromising on data quality or local context. Our presence around the globe facilitates that data is collected in every place in a similar, high-quality way.
Living income measurement and analysis
We help you to measure smallholder income and calculate the living income gap. We tailor each approach to your needs and use data science to develop smartly-targeted interventions for increasing income.
Sustainability reporting (ESG)

We design and build custom monitoring platforms so that stakeholders can effectively collaborate and track progress towards sustainability.

Information services for farmers

We create information systems for smallholder farmers so that they can receive up-to-date information on their financial situation, weather patterns, market prices, and other useful insights.

Knowledge sharing through tools and frameworks

We develop digital public goods such as mobile and web-based platforms and tools.  We also standardise indicator frameworks to improve reporting, facilitate data and knowledge sharing, and connect stakeholders.

Maximise the use of data

We conduct data scans to identify and assess existing data sources relevant to your objectives. We focus on maximising the use of existing and new data. We aim to minimize duplication of efforts and facilitate data-driven decision making through developing compelling dashboards.

What is your key challenge?

Speak to our team to find out how Akvo can help you with your data and technology needs.

Ebook: How to measure the income of smallholder farmers

A step-by-step guide for development professionals

Jildemarie Brouwer is Akvo’s global agriculture lead and data expert.

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