Meet the Asia Pacific team

  • Nisa Rachmatika

    Project manager, Denpasar

  • Karmath Subedi

    Project manager, Kathmandu

  • Cica Sumiasih

    Office manager, Denpasar

  • Ima Puspita Sari

    Project manager, Denpasar

  • Jigmy Lama

    Project manager, Kathmandu

  • Hans Merton

    Regional director East Africa and Asia Pacific, Amsterdam

  • Rajashi Mukherjee

    Senior planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning (PMEL) expert, Kolkata

  • Isha Parihar

    Project manager, Delhi

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In Asia Pacific, over 15 partners in six countries power their projects #withAkvo

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Ima Puspita Sari
Project manager Asia Pacific

Whatsapp | Mobile: +6 2812 1029 5818
Skype: imeyima

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