If you deliver all your tasks, and nothing improves, are you successful?

This question was dropped by Felipe Castro at the first Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) forum in Amsterdam, an event that brought together OKR experts and enthusiasts from around the globe.

Great questions bring interesting answers, and this one had me thinking for the rest of the day. Later on, Jan Paul van Vliet helped me connect the dots when he argued that being engaged at work was not the same as being productive.

Above: Mulo and Moses working on Akvo Flow in Kampala, Uganda.

One night, reading through my emails, I came across one from the Akvo Foundation. I’d been accepted into the internship programme! 

I can’t describe the joy I felt in finding out that I’d be part of a team building open source data tools to improve international development programmes. At the same time, I was daunted by the challenges that come with building tools that are used internationally and in complex settings.

Above: Revolving door by Marcel Oosterwijk on Flickr.

Knowing what you know now and if you were to join the team today, what would you choose to work on?

This is the question I recently asked my colleagues in the Marcomms team. But I wasn’t really looking for an answer. I was giving them a heads up on what’s to come: the first version of the Marcomms Revolving Door Week. In the third week of November 2018, we will focus on (and ship) the thing that we care deeply about, but was overruled by other priorities. (more…)

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