• Written by Mark Charmer
    3 March 2010

A lot of internet projects have a habit of showing forward projections with steep growth curves. Graphs that are conveniently forgotten when they fail to become reality.

Graph above: Funds committed and needed for projects on Akvo.org, 2010-03-03.

So it’s really nice to be able to show you Akvo’s current historical growth curve, based on the value of projects being entered into the system by our various partners, right up to today.

As of now we have 171 project partners involved in 130 projects worth nearly Euro 3.75 million in the system (US$5.14 million). The partners break down as:

– 113 Field partners (drilling wells, building toilet infrastructure, running training, etc)

– 30 Support partners (who supervise and coordinate projects, usually helping to specify them and being responsible for ensuring proper monitoring is carried out)

– 89 Funding partners (who fund projects, are campaigning to secure funds for them, or who mobilise funds from local communities or governments)

You can learn more about different types of Akvo partners here.

A number of things have contributed to this boom in project numbers.

First was the introduction of our partner admin interface and help documentation last summer, which has made it much easier for support partners (who are the key group who commit projects) to rightsize their projects and upload them with only minimal assistance from our Hague team.

The other factor has been the launch of several big water fundraising campaigns, meaning our partners are able to confidently add plenty of new projects, in the knowledge they’re likely to get funded. First, the decision by the Dow Live Earth Run for Water to use Akvo to structure and feature all the projects it will support in 2010 provided a massive boost. As you can see from the chart, after the launch of Live Earth in October, the value of projects in Akvo more than doubled by January, to around Euro 2.8 million ($3.8 million). A fresh boost has come from our partnership with Aqua for All and Walking for Water, a schools education and fundraising campaign. Akvo has enabled Walking for Water to easily take each project it supports online – a reason there was a further uptick in projects added in February. With the support of Live Earth we’re now opening up and internationalising Walking for Water, so expect even more Walking for Water projects to come onstream in the months ahead.

Now for a bit of realism. 18 projects are complete and 19 projects are active today. A full 92 need funding – yet the great news is that with both Live Earth and Walking for Water happening in the next two months, we should see significant funds flowing into these projects, meaning they can get underway. For a flavour of what’s coming, check out what’s happening at Live Earth Amsterdam. And that’s just one event – there are likely to be more than 100 Live Earth events around the world.

This is just the beginning. Thanks to everyone who’s helped us get this far.

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo.