• Written by Linda Leunissen
    19 February 2019

Akvo.org has a new look and feel.

When you landed on the Akvo site today, you may have noticed that things are looking a bit different. Don’t worry, we're still the same Akvo, still doing the same good work, we just look a little bit different. 


But why?

Akvo is ten years old this year. TEN. A decade.

Ten years ago we started out with about a dozen people, today we have almost one hundred staff. We started out with one single product, nowadays we have many more as part of our tools and service packages. And as our partners’ needs evolved so did we, and today we offer knowledge and services we couldn’t even imagine ten years ago.

Ten years bring a lot of change for anyone, including Akvo. The Akvo of today isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago. The new look and feel of Akvo is designed to showcase the things that we’re good at, and those have evolved a great deal. 

The new style will help us to streamline your experience of Akvo. At the beginning that might not be the case everywhere yet, but eventually we’re aiming for our software components to have the same look and feel as our website or one of our brochures. It might take a bit of getting used to, but eventually it will make things more simple and look much more unified. It will make Akvo more recognisable across the board, and it gives us room to grow.


What does it mean for me?

Initially not that much! Some things will look a bit different to before. We have a new logo, colours, fonts and images, which are more fitting of the Akvo we are today. It’s purely a visual upgrade, as who we are and what we do remains the same. Don’t worry if you sometimes see the old logo instead of the new one, it will take us some time to fully switch over. So in the beginning you might see a mixture of old and new logos or elements as we gently change things over bit by bit.

The new Akvo logo and colour set.

Our website got a make-over, incorporating all the things mentioned above. Every page will look slightly different than before, but you'll still find most of the things that were there before. There is also some new content about our products that better explains their interrelationships, and pages that really dive into the water quality testing and small holder farming work our partners have been doing #withAkvo. You will also find a new blog chockfull of new insightful information and more information about our water quality testing methodology.

As an Akvo user, you will not see much change at the moment. We’re aiming to change some of the user interface elements in the future to have the same style as our other materials, but we’ll keep you up to date on that.

See how Akvo partners are working #withAkvo on sustainable smallholder farming in 'Our impact areas' section.

Letting go

As excited as we are about the new look of Akvo, we also know that some of the old elements will be difficult for us to let go off. Over time we’ve become attached to them for many reasons. They’re our friends, they remind us of good times and in some cases they even helped us deal with difficult times and emotions. However, Akvo’s visual identity has always had some fluidity to it. It changed over time taking inspiration from events and the ever changing world around us. By letting go of the old and introducing the new we are actually staying true to who we set out to be, and who we still are today. Because some things never change.


Linda Leunissen is Akvo's art director, based in London. You can follow her on Twitter @lindadutches