For too long I’ve tended to be the person at Akvo who takes all the photographs. So it’s been fantastic this week to join the software development team at their meeting in London and watch Loic Sans, Akvo’s user interface designer, snap away. He has a beautiful Leica camera and knows how to use it – and work his way around post-production. I’m blown away by the beautiful images he’s created over the last few days. Loic is very comfortable as a street photographer in particular, and I think that spontaneity really shines through in his images.

Photo above: Siem Vaessen. London, 19 October 2012 (by Loïc Sans).

Here’s a small Flickr set of the ones he’s shared. I’m hoping to encourage him to make them Creative Commons next, too. Although to be honest Adrian Collier should pay Loïc for this one

Mark Charmer is a co-founder and communications director at Akvo.