We spent last week in New York finalising our partnership with Live Earth. The Los Angeles-based global climate campaigner and events organiser, famous for organising music concerts, sponsored runs and community events, will be using Akvo’s tools to support global engagement and fundraising.

Above: Akvo founder Thomas Bjelkeman presents to Live Earth’s partners, including Dow Chemical, Global Water Challenge, charity:water and other implementing partners. New York, Wednesday 20 May 2009.

Founded by Emmy-winning producer Kevin Wall, in partnership with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, Live Earth is built upon the belief that entertainment has the power to transcend social and cultural barriers to move the world community to action. A for-profit company, Live Earth “seeks to leverage the power of entertainment through integrated events, media, and the live experience to ignite a global movement aimed at solving the most critical environmental issues of our time”.

We’ll be sharing more details about our work together as it happens later this summer. In the meantime, here Mark Charmer talks with Catherine Geanuracos, general manager at Live Earth, on the day we presented to her team and partners in New York. Catherine and Akvo founder Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson describe how they first met and why the partnership is great for us all.

We’ll keep you posted on developments around our work together as the summer progresses, as we build towards some exciting new campaigns.