We wrote first back in April about discussing collaboration with the team behind FLOW. In the summer, Water For People issued a Request for Information (Water For People Seeks a New Parent for FLOW) and we’ve been in detailed discussions over recent months. Although nothing is yet agreed, we wanted to update everyone on progress.

Akvo and Water For People discuss FLOW

Water For People and Akvo are in discussions regarding Field Level Operations Watch (FLOW), a leading data collection platform created by Water For People. The collaboration will enhance FLOW’s ability to support global monitoring in water and sanitation, and create opportunities for it to support other development categories. The combined strengths of the two organizations will accelerate advocacy, funding, licensing, and training. Discussions center on the future development of FLOW as an open source platform, support of the existing product, and scaling up the tool to positively impact development sustainability.

FLOW utilizes Android handsets, SMS and web entry to feed a comprehensive, cloud-based GIS-aware data analysis and mapping platform that allows organizations to track and analyze the operational status of water and sanitation projects around the world. Since its inception last year, Water For People has used FLOW to gain significant insight into its programmatic efforts in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, as well as worked with other organizations to help them better understand the impact of their projects.

Water For People is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people in developing countries gain access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation. Akvo is a foundation that helps improve the effectiveness and transparency of international development using internet and mobile software and services.