We’ve published an annual report each Spring since 2008. This is the latest one, covering 2013.

It’s one of the few printed brochure-style things we make each year. We print hard copies, and post them to people we think will enjoy reading it. And we make it available as a PDF download.

If you’d like a hard copy (or copies), please contact linda[at]akvo.org. It’s a very good reflection of where Akvo is right now, and features imagery from our partner heroes photography project. I hope you enjoy reading it. Please do share this link with anyone else you think will be interested in our progress.

The extra curious amongst you might want to explore our annual report library here, and see how far we’ve come and judge whether we’ve delivered what we promised. I hope you think we have.

I’d like to thank Anke van Lenteren, Linda Leunissen and Jo Pratt especially for their help in bringing the latest report together.

Mark Charmer is communications director at Akvo.