We’re getting ready to put what Akvo offers in front of many more companies and foundations. For several years I helped advise the corporate social responsibility teams in a couple of big firms, and have always encouraged the development of Akvo with those people in mind. Those running CSR are always juggling multiple issues – trying to maintain focus, manage limited resource, protect reputation, achieve impact, tell the story, handle inbound enquiries and work with external partners – especially NGOs – who can be very nice but terribly time-consuming.

Photo above: Akvo’s Peter van der Linde, at the launch of the Dow Live Earth Run for Water, New York City, 13 October 2009. Akvo was chosen by Live Earth to bring together a global network of NGOs online, to support a complex network of events involving multiple NGOs and corporate partners.

After big discussions a few weeks ago on this with Peter and Thomas, and then our board, I’ve been working today on copy for some sales material we’re creating. I’m hoping it gives people we meet who are involved in CSR a grip on what we offer them. Peter and I would love to hear from you if you’ve got ideas on people we should be talking to. And if you’re the sort of person we should be meeting, we want to know if this gets to the pain-points for you. Feel free to bounce me a mail or contact me via Twitter.

Want to scale your CSR? Akvo helps you do it.

Support hundreds of local water projects around the world Show them all online

Akvo’s unique partner network helps firms large and small act immediately to offset water impact. We offer you access to a choice from more than $6m of water and sanitation projects, across the poorest parts of the world. Every Akvo project is overseen and monitored to the highest standards by a support partner – protecting your reputation.

Multiply your contributions Find co-funders that can enhance your corporate contributions

Akvo offers simplified access to match funding from prestigious development institutions. This means you can offer your customers, staff or supply chain partners the chance to have a much greater impact than they believed possible, and helps you collaborate easily with outside organisations.

Link products to real-life projects Help your customers make a difference

Akvo offers unique, easily customised internet tools so you can connect batches of water or sanitation projects to your product or service lines – for example to support a consumer product campaign or a set of global events. Your customers can view your projects via QR tags on their mobile phones, or you can highlight projects online or on screen in retail and commercial environments.

Work with lots of charities, easily Mix and match projects and partners, in no time at all

Working with “NGOs” can be rewarding but time consuming. Akvo simplifies the process of running campaigns that involve lots of different organisations around the world. We provide consistent online tools that mean you can create and implement global programmes without needing a big team.

You can take your corporate social responsibility programme to new heights. Akvo can make it easy for you.

As I say, we’d love to know if that hits the nail on the head, and get thoughts on ways we can expand on each of these points. Please chip in.

Updated July 2010: Here’s the final CSR flyer we created, too (PDF).

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo and directs marketing communications.