• Written by Jo Pratt
    11 May 2016

We are currently developing a new data visualisation platform designed to help international development teams get a better understanding of the data at their disposal, in order to enhance their impact. This tool will form a vital component of the Capture – Understand – Share data cycle that we believe forms the basis of effective development interventions.

The working name for this new tool has been Akvo Dash (sometimes written as Akvo DASH, although it’s not an acronym). Dash was not intended to be the final name of the product at launch, however. 

We recently carried out a process of clarifying our product branding guidelines, and have used this as the basis to create a new name for Akvo Dash. 

Today we unveil the tools new identity: Akvo Lumen. 
A lumen is a unit of measurement of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source. Akvo Lumen enables people to tap into and unleash the intelligence inherent in their own and other people’s data and turn that into powerful knowledge. It helps to shed light on and quantify complex issues and illuminates our understanding of them.

Work on Akvo Lumen is ongoing. Visit our new Akvo Lumen R&D page to find out more about it, and sign up for updates.

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Jo Pratt is Comms manager at Akvo, based in the UK. You can follow her on Twitter @Jo108.