• Written by Mark Charmer
    12 August 2008

Akvo lands in Stockholm this weekend with a new system to show. We’ll be spending time with everyone at Stockholm World Water Week. If you’re there, join us.

World Water Week is the annual meeting for those working to improve the water and sanitation situation of the world’s poor. It’s the event that triggered Akvo two years ago and it’s an important place to tell our story and get feedback from international development specialists. Last year we made many friends there, and said goodbye to many posters.

Above: One of two new images by Vincent Wijers, commissioned to coincide with the launch of Akvo beta in Stockholm, August 2008.

We’d love to see you. You can see our new system in action online, learn how to edit Akvopedia pages, or just spend time chatting with our team about how we might work together in future. You may even choose to live a little, and invest in live projects. We’re the big stand with sofas and computers, in the main exhibition area.

Delivering Big. Debating the future.

We also return to Stockholm to host another panel event. This year we are encouraging leadership-level debate on the ability of internet technologies to help more things happen more quickly.

When: Thursday 21 August 2008, 12:05-13:25

Where: Room K11. Stockholm International Fairs and Congress Center, Älvsjö. You need to be registered for the conference to get in.

What: All being well, Dutch secretary of state (vice minister) Tineke Huizinga-Heringa will be opening the session, and Thomas Bjelkeman will be joined on stage by Sunita Nadhamuni, CEO of our Indian NGO partner Arghyam along with Bert Diphoorn, water and sanitation chief at UN HABITAT. This is the topic of the day:

“Delivering big. Translating knowledge into action through internet technology”

Across the world, new software tools, methods and working practices will transform knowledge sharing, collaboration and project and cost management in the water and sanitation development sector. Organisations must adapt knowledge to many contexts and delivery mechanisms. This leadership seminar explains how and will provide guidance on keeping your people in tune with the changes underway.

In particular, we are keen to explore the ways organisation and activity can be simplified and scaled to meet ambitious but necessary targets such as the Millennium Development Goals. We’ve ordered sandwiches and soft drinks for attendees so you will be fed and watered while sharing your views.

Last year several hundred joined us to ask “Can a Wikipedia of Water quicken the pace of development”, chaired by Fiona Harvey, environment correspondent at the Financial Times. The curious can revisit that debate here. I’m pleased to say that Madhab Nayak’s team at FODRA is now an Akvo project partner, with two projects live today in our new system.

See you there.

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo. If you want to fix a time to get together with the team, or talk via phone, email me.