• Written by Luuk Diphoorn
    21 November 2012

If you’ve ever wanted to know how Akvo FLOW and the Text to Change SMS service can work alongside eachother, now we have a video online that explains the two together. All of the production of this video was done in Kenya, with Africa Interactive providing the live footage from Kisumu and Vive Visuals the animations.

Photo above: Live footage being shot in Kisumu, Kenya by the Africa Interactive team. 29 May 2012.

See the video below. It’s also available offline for use in places without internet. Get in touch with me if you need it. Click full screen to watch it in full glory.

The main reason this came up is because, although there is documentation available on both Akvo FLOW and Text to Change’s mobile tools, explaining how they actually could work in concert together has been a bit tricky. We felt the best way to explain both tools is via a demonstration video.

The way we put this video together was to combine live footage from the field with animations explaining how the technologies work. This way a lot of the steps that you can’t actually see happening are now visualised in a very user-friendly manner.

Now it also needs to be noted that, although both mobile tools are shown as complementary systems to one another, at the moment they are not actually being used in programmes together. The video does point to how such a combination could work. We are hoping that in the near future we can share the way actual integration of both tools in a program is taking place. The recent Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant to meld the capabilities of AmLab partners (led by 1%CLUB and including both Akvo and Text to Change) opens up some intriguing possibilities in that direction, for a start.

Creating videos and animations of this kind takes a lot of work – scripting, identifying locations, interviews, editing, reviewing. I’m grateful to the entire team for their work to make this happen and I’m glad the substantial investment made to create it went 100% into local Kenyan creative teams. You can find more online here about Africa Interactive and Vive Visuals.

Luuk Diphoorn leads Akvo’s East Africa Hub, and is based in Nairobi.