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Last week, we released the Akvo FLOW Dashboard 1.6.8, which contained some bug fixes and two small enhancements. The first is showing 2000 markers on the maps, up from the previous 500. We still cannot show all the data present in a Dashboard, as this would put too much of a burden on the system. In January, we will introduce marker grouping, which will make it possible to always display all the data in a Dashboard on a map.

The second enhancement is formatting the duration of a survey in hh:mm:ss (hours, minutes, seconds) format. The duration that it takes an enumerator to complete a survey has been part of the Akvo FLOW app since version 1.12.0, and it can be used to do quality checking. The format change was requested by our partner WSP in India, who are heavy users of this feature.

Meanwhile, our WSP Liberia partners are testing a new feature for the FLOW app, which allows survey builders to specify some fields as needing double entry on the device. This is similar to what happens when, during a registration process, a website requires you to type your email twice to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes. WSP Liberia requested this feature because they work a lot of client ID fields, and those are notoriously error prone when keyed in. We expect to make this feature part of the January release.

As always, the release information for the Akvo FLOW Dashboard can be found here and the Akvo FLOW app releases can be found here.

Mark Tiele Westra is product manager for Akvo FLOW.