I’ve just written about the power of blogs – and how one day they mean you can link back, and enjoy showing people the journey you’ve taken.

Four years ago Akvo was rolling down the runway but we hadn’t yet taken off. We were all just making sense of it as we went along (we still do!). I think we had about 8 people working day to day (we now have over 30 staff).

Here’s a collection of the eight blog posts from June 2008. Peter writes about us gathering our first 17 projects (today we have 428 online). I write about us working with Africa Interactive (we still do). Thomas talks about Vincent Wijers, the man behind our poster designs (which we still use). I write about UNESCO-IHE (we now have a partnership involving them and Earth Water). And Thomas writes about open source hardware (which is still taking its time to happen).

June 2008 | Akvo blog

Poster partner imageopti

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo.