My work as graphic designer at Akvo is quite versatile, as I am working on different projects, each with its own distinct style, every day. There are a few requests that come around regularly though, one of which is the design of infographics. They are complicated little things to make, as they should be clear, easy to understand, accurate and frequently updated. I often get questions from fellow Akvo staff about where to find the latest version of a graphic, so I decided to do a round up of the graphics that we most commonly use, and attach links to the original files in Dropbox, so everyone can find and use them.

Akvo RSR graphics

Akvo RSR – project value and partners
This graph shows how the value of projects on RSR has grown over the past few years. You can also see the numbers of new partners that are using Akvo RSR. RSR-Project-Value-and-Partners-2010-2013-March Akvo RSR – updates
Have you ever wondered how many updates we get in RSR every month? This graph shows the number of updates we’ve had over the last few years. It also shows the ratio of text updates versus updates with a photo or video attached. RSR-updates-2010-2013-March Akvo FLOW graphics

What is Akvo FLOW?
Akvo FLOW is a tool that combines hand-held data collection with map-based reporting tools and an online dashboard. venn-diagram How Akvo FLOW works
This simple graphic shows how Akvo FLOW works. Enter data on your phone and send it to the database. From there it will be used to create maps and in the Akvo FLOW dashboard. how-flow-works General graphics

Akvo product overview
In this graphic all Akvo tools are briefly described and set out next to each other. There are two versions of this graphic, the first one gives an overview of all four tools (Akvo RSR, Akvo FLOW, Akvo Openaid and Akvopedia). The second version doesn’t include Akvopedia, which is a wiki rather than a software tool. product-overview-4 product-overview-3 Staff map
Akvo is a small company, but our staff live all over the world. This graphic shows where our people are based. akvo-staff Partnership funnel
An infographic that shows the process of finding organisations and turning them into Akvo partners. Funnel-diagram Partnership
Akvo helps their partners to develop and grow. This chart shows how we do that. partners Maps
If we need maps of any kind, I use a nifty little tool called the Visited Countries Map by Ammap. It lets you enter the countries you want to highlight and choose colours for the map. When you’re finished, you can embed the map using the html link provided, or take a screen grab of the finished map. visited-maps Linda Leunissen is Akvo’s graphic designer and illustrator Updated 29/5 by Mark C to fix html and photo size bugs that were breaking home page. Updated 30/5 by Mark C. We (me and Thomas) decided it would confuse people to feature examples of business model projections that were from historic positions. The situation changes constantly and each projection is partner / context specific. Instead we’ll focus here on charts that show historical data / performance.