• Written by Josje Spierings
    25 September 2013

Akvo has been involved with the Open Aid Partnership (OAP) for over a year, but we’re now becoming an official member.  

The Open Aid Partnership started in 2011 with the aim of bringing together development partners, governments, civil society organisations, foundations and the private sector to improve aid transparency and effectiveness. It’s a collaboration between the governments of Bolivia, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom, as well as African Development Bank, the Foundation Center, InterAction, ONE, Publish What You Fund and the World Bank Group.

The Partnership’s goal is to collect and open up local development data to engage citizens and other stakeholders in evidence-based conversations on development. In order to achieve this, it is working to strengthen the partner countries to collect, curate and publish development data in an open and accessible format and to make the geography of aid visible.

Josje OAP Bolivia map
At the moment the partnership focuses on five partner countries: Bolivia, Kenya, Malawi, Moldova and Nepal. Using a phased approach the current first phase is mainly aimed at geocoding development projects. For example in Bolivia the Open Aid Partnership is supporting the Ministry of Development Planning to geocode its database of donor- and government-financed projects and to curate spatial data for more than 30 development indicators. 

Above: mapping the number of donor-financed activities per municipality in Bolivia overlaying the incidence of extreme poverty in 2001.

What’s Akvo’s role? 

We bring our monitoring expertise with FLOW, our knowledge of collecting and visualising project data with RSR and our experience regarding IATI (the International Aid Transparency Initiative).

We think this partnership has great, innovative and meaningful goals, and we are very excited to be part of it.

Josje Spierings is a project coordinator at Akvo, focusing on our open data partnerships and activities.