Most of the Akvo Partners met for a workshop on Thursday 16th October. Held at our current home on the UNESCO-IHE campus in Delft, Netherlands, it was a great day. We covered a lot of ground, bringing everyone up to date on progress with the system, our progress towards financial sustainability, and more.

More importantly, we got into deep discussions about how we can encourage frequent field reporting via Akvo RSR (Really Simple Reporting) and how we support many different kinds of project partner in ways that are easy and popular to use. We talked too about how we can get our story out to field partners and how we can get them involved in developing the tools themselves.

Some partners had met us numerous times and for some it was our first meeting. In no particular order, we were pleased to welcome Stijn Jaspers of Simavi, Niels Lenderink and David Castellano of Waste, Anne Miek of Connect International, Ben White of Africa Interactive, Edwin van Someren of Women for Water partnership, Nick Dickinson and Jaap Pels from IRC, Caroline Figueres from IICD, Maria Laura Sorrentino and Edwoud Kok of UNESCO-IHE, Elise Brandwijk of Aqua for All and Jan Nederstigt of PRACTICA Foundation. Thanks also to Robert Meerman at RAIN Foundation, for helpful input, though he couldn’t attend.

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It’s rare for the whole Akvo team to be in one place, and we were especially lucky to have Gino Lee and Beth Whiteside with us from San Francisco along with all of the usual Dutch, Swedish and UK Akvo team.

Our newest Akvo team member, Mark Tiele Westra did an amazing job of transcribing the conversations, albeit roughly, as we talked. Wow. You can read this document here, in its raw form.

We’ve filmed most of the sessions and are publishing these online over the coming week on our new Akvo Partner movie channel. Get a feel for how we kicked off with Posted in About Akvo, Akvo dev, Akvo RSR, Akvopedia, Open source, Partners