header2 480x360 With Akvo staff in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all the printed material we have in use. I am about to take stock at our main hubs to find out how much material we have got, so I thought it would be nice to do a quick round up off all the printed materials we are currently using. As a technology foundation, we have always tried hard to keep the range and volume of printed material we produce to a minimum. Especially as we are working with people in many of the most remote parts of the world. But here’s what we do have.

Annual Report 2012
The annual report gives an overview of the things we’ve worked on at Akvo in the past year. It contains a product overview and list of the main programmes we are involved in, talks about highlights in 2012 and has a brief overview of our financials.

The annual report will be followed by the Akvo in 2013 booklet, later this year, to incorporate any new developments. The document is also available for PDF download here.

Akvo FLOW 1.5 leaflet
The Akvo FLOW 1.5 leaflet is a double sided A4 sheet with all the details on the current version of our mobile based data collection tool. The document is also available for PDF download here.

Akvo logo Stickers Akvo-stickers-480x200
We haven’t had these for a while, but we will be reintroducing Akvo logo stickers soon. You can stick them on anything you like. They look great on your notepad, bag, laptop or even the back of your computer screen.

Akvo movie posters and postcards
The Akvo movie posters where designed in 2010 by Dutch Artist Vincent Wijers, to evoke a sense of simplicity, improvisation and optimism. They challenge assumptions about development aid and and present local aid workers as heroes. The designs are printed on A2 sized posters and A5 sized post cards, and you will find at least one of these posters in any of our hubs.

Akvo logo T-shirts
Akvo T-shirts are mainly used by Akvo staff. We love them because it makes us easy to recognise in the crowd and on pictures. No one asks us for which organisation we work anymore, the T-shirt says it all.

It’s time for open data T-shirts
Unlike the Akvo logo T-shirts, open data tees are also available for people not working for Akvo. They are designed in collaboration with Siem and Tristan from Zimmerman and Zimmerman and show a maze of rectangle shapes, symbolising data that is not easy and openly accessible, something we are very committed to change. We may start selling these online, if there is demand.

Akvo RSR beginners manual
The Akvo RSR beginners manual is designed to get new RSR users started. It looks like a small booklet, but unfolds to a poster sized manual, it’s a bit like an RSR update stream, it starts small but ends up being something much much larger. The beginners manual provides new users with step by step guidance on how to create an update and add a photo or video. The flip side of the manual is a fun poster which helps remind users what they are doing it all for. This folding layout is designed to be very high quality and is only available in Z-fold printed form. But we recently also made the same content available for download in a different layout – the multi-lingual printer-friendly RSR manual in English, French and Spanish too.

RSR training kits
RSR training kits are given to partners who are new to RSR. It is a fun little box filled with lots of clever material. You’ll find a mix of things described above, the RSR beginners manual, some movie poster post cards and one of those clever USB sticks with lots of background information (see below). The kit is designed so it can also accept a small camcorder or mobile phone, if the partner chooses to include one. Noone has yet, but with camcorder prices falling under €50, we think it’s a matter of time. Training kits help partners to get comfortable with Akvo RSR so they can start posting updates on their projects.

Akvo USB sticks
Akvo USB sticks look like a black little credit card. They have the same size and thickness, but when you flip a little ledge on the side of the card a USB stick pops out. One side of the card shows the Akvo logo, while the other side features all of our product logos. We mostly use them in RSR training kits to enclose video’s and pdf’s with the training material, but they are flexible in use and we find more and more ways in which they come in handy.
Linda Leunissen is a graphic designer at Akvo, based in London.