Akvo RSR 0.9.11

The other day we released Akvo RSR 0.9.11. This release contained improvements to how Akvo RSR integrates with PayPal. There were a couple of things I wanted to point out in this release. (If you rather want the nitty gritty detail, read the release notes.)

Reconciliation of PayPal donations

All individual donations made to projects in Akvo RSR are subject to processing fees applied by PayPal. Although Akvo RSR has always stored these fees, we were not able to apply them to our own financial data until the system was decimalised, which also happened in this release.

Now we have the means to apply the fees correctly to the donation you will notice a few things:

  • A few projects which were fully funded now miss a few Euro. This will be made up from Akvo funds to fully fund these projects again (these were the deducted fees).
  • A donation of 100 Euro will now contribute a minimum of 95.75 Euro to the project, as we now deduct the PayPal processing fee which is maximum 3.9% + 35 cents (this is 96.25 Euro, 3.4% + 35 cents if you donate from within the EU).
  • PayPal increased their charges from 30 cents to 35 cents recently, and transactions crossing country borders are 3.9% instead of 3.4%. We haven’t update this on the donation pages, but will do in the next release.

We are working on bringing in some further donation options and making the donation interface easier to understand, but more on that later.