We have released a couple of improvements to Akvo RSR, including updates to the donation system and the way the “Akvo at a glance” portlet displays statistics from the projects in Akvo RSR. This work continues, but I wanted to highlight some of the changes we made. All the system changes can be found in the release notes.

The way donations are displayed

Donations from individuals (via Paypal) are now shown under the funders portlet on the project page and on the funding details page. The examples are from the project: Murumba Primary School Water and Sanitation, Ugenya Kenya.

Akvo RSR ensures a project doesn’t get more money than it needs by immediately reserving, or setting aside, an amount equal to the donation. Unravelling overdonations made during high traffic periods could otherwise get quite messy!

In previous versions of Akvo RSR this reserved money would be displayed as donated, regardless of whether or not the transaction was ever actually completed (for example, if a donor went to her Paypal account but then decided not to donate and closed the window). The end result was that some projects looked like they had received funds when they actually hadn’t. This has now been fixed: projects will only list donations verified as having arrived in the Akvo Paypal account. Some projects may look like they have fewer donations than before, but the numbers shown now reflect real funds, not money that never arrived.

Updated “Akvo at a glance” portlet

The “Akvo at a glance” portlet on the home page and project listings page has had a facelift. Completed projects are shown correctly, and amounts donated by individuals has been added. The numbers which describe “People who get water/sanitation” used to follow the stringent standards of the Millenium Development Goals rules. Now these numbers follow the goals for water and sanitation set in each project’s own description.

All in all, we think this was a very good upgrade and there are several more in the pipeline. If you are interested in following the Akvo RSR development work in more detail we encourage you to check out our software project management tool which we us, Pivotal Tracker.