We released Akvo RSR 1.0.9 a couple of days ago and it contained one major new feature, a few fixes for video embedding in updates and underlying changes to keep up with the web framework, Django.

Ability to edit project updates

The release adds the ability to edit project updates (finally!). Up until now, once a project update had been created it could no longer be edited in any way. Now the user who created a project update may also now edit it for up to 30 minutes after its original creation time.

Improved handling of embedded videos

Several improvements have been made to video embedding in project updates. Short-form YouTube URLs are now supported so a user can now enter both youtube.com and youtu.be URLs.

Shortly after the release of RSR 1.0.8, Blip.tv made several backwards-incompatible changes to their API meaning that supporting blip.tv video URLs was no longer possible. This situation has now been rectified and RSR 1.0.9 handles both old-style and new-style blip.tv video URLs. Users should, however, only use the new-style URLs in project updates.

This means that most of the limitations listed in this blog post about video updates are no longer an issue.

As usual you can find the release notes for Akvo RSR v 1.0.9 here.