Today we are releasing a preview of a new set of features for Akvo Really Simple Reporting (Akvo RSR) that we think you are going to really like.

The headline feature is Partner sites. A number of you have seen “Powerpoint-ware” of this already, as in mockups and even pre-release software on some of our test servers. But today we’re making it publicly available for all to see, and organisations who are part of paid-for-plans can set up their own Partner Site. That means most current users of Akvo RSR.

Partner sites allow an organisation that has projects on the Akvo RSR system to display all these projects on their own URL, with their own branding and styling, using the Akvo RSR tools. We expect this to become the main way people will experience Akvo RSR in the future. It’s a significant enough development that we’ve named this version Akvo RSR 2.0.

Being a preview release means that all the features we are expecting on a Partner site in the future are not ready yet. There are some rough edges, but we consider the features which are available suitable for people to start experimenting with.

We have added some help documentation about the new features:

More detail about the Akvo RSR 2.0 Partner site preview can be found below.

New features

Partner sites, multi-tenancy

The Partner sites features allow you to have your own projects on your own separate URL, with your own branding and styling.

A Partner site will live under a separate domain. The default URL for a new Partner site for will be a subdomain under, for example: The partner site can also be setup to be displayed under another appropriate domain, for example: (eventually).

Your Partner site can be configured and managed by a user with organisation administrator privileges. Initially you will need to contact us for help with the setup.

Notes about Akvo RSR Partner sites multitenancy

The Akvo RSR multi-tenancy implementation has a shared data space for the application. Information which is shared between partners is also shared between Partner sites as well as shown on the aggregation site (i.e.

For example, the information about one project is shared between all organisations which collaborate on that project. An update to a project will show up on all Partner sites which are showing this project. Likewise, if an organisation changes its logo on the organisation page the logo will change on all Partner sites displaying this organisation, as well as on

New functionality

The following functions are new to Akvo RSR 2.0 preview of Partner sites and don’t exist on Akvo RSR on Some of these functions may be added to the aggregated site ( later.

  • A Partner site will live under a separate domain, distinct from the aggregate domain
  • A Partner site can be displayed under a custom domain (CNAME)
  • Filtering also reflects the projects marked on the map on the Partner site home page (i.e. filtering for Africa will only show projects in Africa on the map)
  • Ability to style content with CSS on the Partner site
  • Ability to add a picture and HTML content for the description of an organisation on the home page of their Partner site
  • Filtering displays the number of projects displayed and what filter is applied
  • Ability to add a custom back link to another website

Limited functionality

The following features have not been completely implemented yet in Akvo RSR 2.0 preview of Partner sites, but will be updated at a later stage.

  • Funding box on project page has limited layout
  • Latest updates display on project page (banner is missing)
  • Projects partner listing
  • Donations, you will be sent to the site to do a donation and not returned to the Partner site

Excluded functionality

The following functions have not been implemented yet in Akvo RSR 2.0 preview of Partner sites, but will be implemented at a later stage, in some fashion.

  • Widgets
  • Comments
  • Focus areas and categories
  • RSS feeds
  • Sign in. Currently you sign in on to administrate your account and your projects
  • Add update. You can still sign in on to make an update
  • Partner listing showing a partners role in a project specifics for Partner sites

On you can request organisation administrator privileges by emailing, if your organisation is on a paid services plan. You will need this access to administer your Partner site.

For more information you can also read the release notes.