Although putting product info online is the way forward (in ever more mobile-friendly ways in fact), a lot of our partners still want information on our products that they can hold in their hands. So we’ve recently designed updated “2-pager” flyers for Akvo RSR and Akvo FLOW. These are available in English, French and Spanish. They can be downloaded and printed off, sent via email as attachments, etc.

We find people want to see examples from their part of the world, so we have distinctive African, Asian and Latin American looks, each featuring a relevant “Akvo heroes” photograph from that region and made available in the appropriate mix of English, French and Spanish. Aside from the variations in photography, all the other content is the same on each. Click on the relevant links for a PDF download.

RSRbrochureselection_850 Akvo RSR 2-pager brochure

Africa: RSR_Africa_brochure_Eng_07-2014 (ENGLISH), RSR_Africa_brochure_Fr_07-2014 (FRENCH)

Asia: RSR_Asia_brochure_Eng_07-2014 (ENGLISH)

Latin America: RSR_Latin_America_brochure_Eng_07-2014 (ENGLISH), RSR_Latin_America_brochure_Sp_07-2014 (SPANISH)

FLOWbrochuresselection_850 Akvo FLOW 2-pager brochure

Africa: FLOW_Africa_brochure_Eng_07-2014 (ENGLISH), FLOW_Africa_brochure_Fr_07-2014 (FRENCH)

Asia: FLOW_Asia_brochure_Eng_07-2014 (ENGLISH)

Latin America: FLOW_Latin_America_brochure_Sp_07-2014 (SPANISH)

We also have high-resolution versions available for digital printing in both A4 and US letter formats. Please contact Linda[at] if you’d like these. Akvo staff can also find them in the support materials Dropbox.