Gabriel von Heijne

Gabriel von Heijne, Akvo RSR lead developer. “Our first official open source release is a big step forward for the team.”

The Akvo Platform is an open source project, which means we either use open source components for what we are building, such as the Wikipedia engine which powers Akvopedia, or we build components that are not available, such as Akvo Really Simple Reporting (Akvo RSR). You can see Akvo RSR in action under the Projects page on our web site.

Last week we released the first source code for Akvo RSR 0.9. If you’re technical, and interested read on and I’ll explain how you can access the code and I’ll describe some of the improvements we’ve made. I’m grateful to our development team for their hard work on this release. In the words of Gabriel von Heijne, who has led the creation of RSR, “Our first official open source release is a big step forward for the team.”

Akvo RSR 0.9 can be found on the code repository, and is there for anyone to download (you have to use Bazaar at the moment, a client-based application that helps manage changes to the code base). The software is released under the GNU AGPL 3.0 license, which means that you can use it for anything you want as long as you share any improvements you make to the software publicly under the same license.

We have some rudimentary installation documentation in place, which we are still working on. So don’t expect a finished and well packaged product, yet. That will take a bit longer.

The release notes for Akvo RSR 0.9 can be found here, but here are the highlights:

Internationalization for the user interface – We have tagged all the user interface text, so that the Django translation engine can pick up the text strings and produce a translation file. While the interface is translated, some emails from the system remain in English; these will be fixed in a later release. We have tested the implementation with one initial language, German.

Licensing – Inserted the GNU AGPL license in the distribution and tagged all the files with license information.

Akvo at a glance portlet – Field partners, Support partners and Funding partners are now linked to a listing showing only those partners (the feature existed before, but there were no links to it).

Project updates – Projects with no updates now have an RSS icon and a link (previously you had to wait for the first update for the icon and link to show up). So you can subscribe with an RSS reader to projects which have not been updated yet.

Funders contribution display – (Bug 269400) We have changed how funders contributions are displayed in the Organisation activities portlet. Now only the funders proportion of a project is displayed.