• Written by Anna-Marthe Sessink
    24 May 2023

After a few weeks of testing and further enhancing of the Akvo RSR Update app, the time has finally come to announce its official release. This is the first publicly available edition and lives under version number .. … The app is freely available in the Google Play Store and Fdroid Store.

The Akvo RSR Mobile update app is an Android phone app that makes it easy to post text and photo updates directly to Akvo RSR. The app allows quick reporting while working on projects on the ground. Users log into RSR in on the app, just like they do from the web. They are then able to update to the projects associated with their organisation.

We have finished a successful two-week round of internal testing of the app, in which we got real user experience from Akvo’s internal testers working in the field. The app was tested among different users, devices and environments. We have received very useful test updates and feedback, which has helped us to improve the app’s quality. The Akvo RSR Update App project page has been used to inform everyone on the testing process.

After our internal testing phase an initial partner launch took place with Connect4Change field partner GINKS in Ghana. GINKS has successfully sent mobile updates and provided us with valuable feedback.

Now the app has gone live to a broader audience and is available to all Android users, it is up to you to download it. We are very much looking forward to your mobile updates. What is more, the app includes a feedback form in the settings menu so app users can ask questions and provide feedback.