• Written by Laura Roverts
    14 March 2016

Check out the new pages about RSR on akvo.org. (Photo of Sa Pa, Vietnam, by Siamak Djamei via Unsplash.com)

We’re aware that effectively managing projects and partnerships, monitoring progress and performance and using data for decision-making are major challenges for many organisations. And we’re doing our best to help.

Real-time results monitoring

We’ve been road-testing a new ‘results framework’ area of Akvo RSR. This will give you an overview of all results, indicators, indicator periods and data associated with a particular project. Project officers and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) managers can use this framework to report on and keep track of progress against specific indicators, within specified periods of time. 

This new monitoring functionality will let you define your results parameters (indicators) at an overall programme level (parent project level) and import relevant results and indicators to related projects (child level). A data-entry and approval section in MyRSR lets you add actual values and comments. After data has been submitted, the M&E manager will receive a notification and s/he can then return, edit or approve the data. This makes it possible to update project results and indicators in real-time, and keep track of any data that is missing. 

Exporting reports
Once data has been approved, you can easily export a PDF or Excel report with an overview of all the results and indicators, including baseline, target and actual values. This is addition to the other reports that you can already create and export in RSR, such as general project information, start and end dates, projects that have not been updated with photos and videos, financial info, status updates, etc. 

What’s next
Currently the preliminary version of the new monitoring functionality is only available for certain projects in RSR while we road test it with some of our partners and further improve it. It will be released for all RSR users during the second quarter of 2016, and we will continue to fine tune it and add new functionality. For example, we are working on a public view of the results and indicators framework which will let you show the impact of your work on your project pages.

To keep up to date with all the latest developments in RSR, make sure you sign up to our Akvo RSR users’ bulletin or keep an eye on the roadmap for all our tools.

Laura Roverts is leaving Akvo at the end of this week after four and a half years, including eight months as Akvo RSR product manager. You can follow her on Twitter @lauraroverts. Thanks for all your great work, Laura, and best of luck in your new role at SCOPEInsight.