Akvo is back in Stockholm in late August, for World Water Week. We want to introduce you to team nine – we were first conceived here in 2006, and it’s our ninth time as Akvo at the event. It’s our job to be a great bridge between the information technology and the “water sector”.

We’re branding our work under the banner of #Stockholm9 this year – Akvo’s 9th team – at Stockholm World Water Week.

The dates

From Sunday 23rd (afternoon) to Friday 28th August (morning)

What is Stockholm World Water Week?

World Water Week in Stockholm is the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues. It is organised by SIWI, the Stockholm International Water Institute. This year is the jubilee year for both the Week and the Stockholm Water Prize. The theme is Water for Development. In 2014, over 3,000 individuals and 270 convening organisations from 143 countries participated in the Week. Experts, practitioners, decision-makers, business innovators and young professionals from a range of sectors and countries come to Stockholm to network, exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions to the most pressing water-related challenges of today.

Introducing Team 9

Below is the Akvo’s #Stockholm9 team. The Akvo website has been updated this month to explain as clearly as possible what we do. We’re keen to help existing and new partners use data to improve decision making and are in Stockholm to engage with people on exactly that. Want to talk to us? These Akvo people will be on the ground:

Joy Ghosh – Akvo BANGALORE

Joy is one of Akvo’s lead trainers and a technical consultant and liaison between trainers and the software development team. This will be his first Stockholm World Water Week appearance. He has lots of experience of helping teams of people use Akvo FLOW to capture data and generate maps and other reports that help them understand a local situation better. Joy will be showing a range of projects that FLOW has been used for, over the course of this year. He is normally based in Bangalore, as part of the Akvo India team that covers South Asia. He is also a great photographer, and anyone using photography to explain things well will probably get his attention. He’s on Twitter at @joycarpediem.

Emeline Bereziat – Akvo OUAGADOUGOU

Emeline joins Stockholm World Water Week for the first time, and works across French-speaking West Africa and beyond, supporting partners in the introduction of Akvo RSR and Akvo FLOW. She can explain how Akvo tools can help governments, NGOs and civil society groups collect better data about services and infrastructure, and explain how such data is now beyond used to improve decision-making. She is normally based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson – Akvo STOCKHOLM

This will be Thomas’s ninth year at Stockholm World Water Week. He can explain why Akvo exists, what are the problems we are working to tackle, and why we consider open data and open licensing of software and data to be so important. As CTO, and with lots of experience in technical sales, he’s great to talk to about how to get information technology adopted in organisations big and small. He lives in Stockholm, so is also good at giving you tips on what else to do while you’re in the city. He can also talk a lot about bee-keeping and Swedish metal bands. He’s @bjelkeman on Twitter.

Jeroen van der Sommen – Akvo AMSTERDAM

Jeroen’s roots are as a hydrologist first and foremost, with experience surveying substantial parts of countries that have until now struggled to develop sustainable water and sanitation infrastructure. This is his 9th year at Stockholm, with Akvo. He is a connector and negotiator for major alliances and programmes, with particular understanding of how Dutch financial and engineering networks and instruments can interact with the international aid system, and the United Nations agencies and the ecosystem they have created. He is normally based in The Hague, Netherlands. He will be best reached via email at jeroen @

Bert Diphoorn – Akvo NAIROBI

Bert has worked in a fascinating array of roles up to the highest levels of the United Nations, including vice chair of UN Water and a director of UN-Habitat. He has a deep understanding of the way the global international development system currently works and how it is adapting and reforming. Prior to UN Water, Bert worked with the African Development Bank where he was instrumental of the African Water Facility. In his time at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs he was head of the water unit, and organised the 2nd World Water Forum at the Hague, and the Waterdome at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002. As Vice-Chair of UN Water, he promoted the sustainable development goal (SDG) for water and drove the design of a new monitoring framework. At UN Habitat he was director of the aid agency’s newly created Donor Relations and Resource Mobilisation Service (DRRMS), and head of its Global Water Operators Alliance Secretariat (GWOPA). He is normally based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mark Charmer – Akvo LONDON

Mark challenges how the water and sanitation sector can develop new ways of understanding, explaining and addressing the needs of 21st century society. This will be his 7th time at Stockholm World Water Week. As the director of PR and communications at Akvo since it was conceived nine years ago, he has positioned our organisation at the confluence of change. At Stockholm he has previously produced the WaterCube, a video project that ran from 2009-2013 and was the predecessor to the SIWI Sofa, featuring water sector professionals talking about their work. Mark is from the IT industry and worked for many years helping bring the personal computer and other devices to market. He’s an accomplished writer, interviewer and photographer, and works normally from London and Amsterdam. He’s on Twitter @charmermark and mark @

Alvaro de Salvo – Akvo AMSTERDAM

This is Alvaro’s Stockholm World Water Week debut, and will coordinate how we interact and follow up with people at World Water Week. He is a creative counsel and project manager that helps Akvo focus how it works with key groups and markets. He helps team members work out how to collaborate with each other and with partners, and defines structures and processes that make that happen naturally. He’s always interested in how Akvo can understand its role better, and explain that to everyone interested or involved. Alvaro’s background is in the arts and cultural sector, where he was communication manager for Res Artis, a global network of artist residencies. Originally from Argentina, he now lives in Amsterdam. He sails a 1972 Flytour vessel and is on Twitter at @aj_desalvo.

Base camp

We’re in Exhibition tent B, stand 16.

The venue this year is in the centre of Stockholm, which we think will make for a more relaxed and characterful event. The exhibition areas are going to be located outside in a public square, so we’ll have public access, in a set of covered pavilions.

We’ll have good internet and a really big screen, so we can show people Akvo tools in action.

Sessions and receptions

Akvo is contributing speakers to a number of sessions. Learn more in this post here.

Updated 21 August: Tweaks to Bert Diphoorn biography, detailing further experience.

Download #Stockholm9 visual materials here:
Desktop wallpaper , Desktop full text, Powerpoint slide background.