In late August, just ahead of Stockholm World Water Week, we brought together most of Akvo’s board at Thomas and Anke’s house on the edge Stockholm. It was a great chance to update everyone on Akvo’s progress along with the opportunities and decisions we face during the years ahead.

The following people came along:
Jeroen van der Sommen (chairman of the board)
Sunita Nadhamuni (board member)
Mark Nitzberg (board member)
Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson (engineering)
Peter van der Linde (partners)
Mark Charmer (communications)
Frodo van Oostveen (partners)
Mark Tiele-Westra (partners) – day 2
Luuk Diphoorn (partners) – day 2

There’s more background on our board here, and the management team here.

We were also joined for parts of the discussion by Caroline Figuères of IICD, Hajo van Beijma of Text to Change (via Skype) and Akvo number-cruncher Stefan Kraus (also via Skype).

It was also the start of discussions with the board members of a newly incorporated non-profit, Akvo Foundation USA. Becky Straw, a new member of that board, joined us throughout. Mark Nitzberg also sits on board of the new North American organisation, which is incorporated in Berkeley, California.

Unfortunately Fon Koemans (board member) and Paul Ciandrini (now on the board of Akvo USA) weren’t able to join us. We look forward to seeing them soon.

I’ve published the talking points for each of the main sessions (this is as detailed as our note-taking was). If you want to take a look, they’re in a Google doc here.

We also shot a couple of short video interviews. Here Mark Charmer talks to Mark Nitzberg and Becky Straw about the current state of the US software and international development markets.

Another video here grabs a few minutes with Thomas and Sunita, after the first morning session.

For some photos of the two days, click on the collage below:


We concluded everything with the chance to introduce our board to our network. On the evening of Monday 22nd August we co-hosted a reception for attendees of World Water Week, at the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm. We had a fantastic turnout – some 140 people came along, with a particularly strong turnout from US foundations.

I’d like to thank Anke and Carin for all their help looking after us, and for Thomas and Anke letting us use their place. It was a great week in Stockholm – hard working and team-building. Akvo feels good!

Frodo van Oostveen is programme manager at Akvo, based in the Netherlands.