• Written by Mark Charmer
    12 August 2010

Akvo doesn’t fundraise to consumers directly – we create web and mobile tools, and build networks of partners that can harness these tools to reduce poverty. To date, we’ve focused on promoting our big vision to more progressive NGOs and funders through our poster visuals.

Yet for some time, we’ve wanted to create a short trailer or animation – something we can show to kids or grandma – indeed something I can show to my mum – and they’ll get what we do right away. It should be something that teachers can share with kids in campaigns like Walking for Water. So after several faltering starts, we’ve finally got our first video trailer.

Bring it on…

Inspired by their work to promote Live Earth in the Netherlands, we commissioned Amsterdam-based Upstream Advertising to create this short animation. Upstream develops video material for leading global consumer brands.

Where it goes / develops from here depends on everyone’s feedback. Tell us what you think. Do please share the trailer with anyone you think will be interested.

Mark Charmer is a co-founder of Akvo and directs its communications.