• Written by Lissy van Noort
    2 October 2012

It’s almost time for the second edition of the Akvo Track Day.  Featuring an entirely new programme, the Akvo Track Day will be held on Thursday 11th October from 9.30am-5pm in our office in Amsterdam.

First time participants as well as alumni of the previous track day can expect to come away with new perspectives, practical skills and knowledge spanning a number of topics, including: open data, Akvo tools, creating compelling project updates and the power of social media.  The sessions will also be a great networking opportunity.

This year, we have a great programme in store, including guest speakers, focus sessions and a tour around the streets of Amsterdam using Akvo FLOW.

We will proudly present four guest speakers:

  • Jura Khrapunov from UNDP, who will share his experiences about using Akvo RSR in Eastern Europe.
  • Euan Semple will take us into the world of social media, explaining why organisations don’t post updates, but people do.
  • Abdul Hafiz Koroma from the Liberian Ministry of Public Works will talk about his experiences with mapping water points using Akvo FLOW.
  • Manuel Salazar from Mars Chocolate will be there to talk about their ‘Vision for Change’ programme.

The event will also give our partners the opportunity to share their experiences about using our tools and give us feedback on how we can better anticipate their needs. This day also gives us the opportunity to show what we’re working on here at Akvo.

The first Akvo Track Day was held in March 2012. We held sessions focused on communications, open data, Akvo RSR and Akvo FLOW.  Our guest speakers included Merrick Schaefer from the World Bank, who talked about their activities around geocoding and mapping and Mark Brough from Publish What You Fund, who shared recent developments in the field of open data.

Like last time, we’ll host focus sessions to give our guests a deep dive into four different topics:

  • Hands on Communications, where you can learn how to write a blog and about the use of social media to promote your activities.
  • An open session about Akvo partner requests, where we’d love to hear what you think about using the Akvo tools so we can improve our partner support.
  • An Introduction to Open Data, where you’ll get to know everything about the recent developments in IATI and open data.
  • RSR Roadmap in depth, where we will share our future developments of Akvo RSR and where we give you the opportunity to bring up your needs and wants concerning Akvo RSR development.

Each focus session will be held twice so you’ll have the chance to join two different sessions throughout the course of the event.

We’d love to welcome you on Thursday the 11th of October here in Amsterdam.  To register, or to receive a detailed programme or submit questions, please contact josje@akvo.org.

Hope to see you next week!

Lissy van Noort is a project officer at Akvo.