trackdayams_480 The third edition of the Amsterdam Track Day on 23rd May was geared up to present a diverse programme, sharing experiences from partners using our tools in the work they do, interactive focus sessions, and updates on Akvo product developments. We thought it would be fun to start the day by live connecting with the Akvo Nairobi Track Day for a quick update from either side over Skype. It was the first time that we had three Track Days at the same time in three different parts of the world, Amsterdam – Nairobi and Washington. We live-streamed all the presentations held in Amsterdam and Nairobi, so if you were not able to make it you can view each presentation via the links in this blog and the Nairobi Track Day blog. josjefromams_480
Attendees of the Nairobi Track Day could see the Amsterdam event in progress too, via live stream. Here Siem Vaessen and Pontus Westerberg, who work on Open UN-Habitat, watch Josje Spierings present Akvo Openaid from Amsterdam. (photo by Mark Charmer)
You can watch the playlist of Amsterdam talks below, from Bart Lacroix from AmLab gave us an insight into ‘Three60: How does aid work? Let’s ask the crowd’. This immediately started a discussion between the participants about how this should work in the field and indeed if it will work.

We were also delighted to have two keynote speakers; Evariste Kouassi-Komlan from UNICEF talked about ‘Modernising WASH Monitoring’ and Andrew Pederson from Mars Chocolate provided an overview of Mars’ strategic Vision for Change programme to make cocoa production sustainable.

All Akvo products are always under development so we used this Track Day again as an opportunity to update people on the latest changes. Josje Spierings talked about open data, IATI and the launch of the new website. Adrian Collier did a demo of the new RSR mobile app, this app is going to make real time status updates from the field a lot easier and is the first start of integrating both tools FLOW and RSR Android Smartphone Apps. Hans Merton provided an update of Akvopedia’s new portals and functionalities. Just before and after lunch there were two interactive open sessions about Akvo FLOW 1.5, open data, and Akvopedia.

There were three lightning talks; Oeds-Willem Miedema from the KNVB and Doreen Nabwire, WorldCoach for the Football for Water programme, talked about ‘WorldCoaches and girl empowerment’. Our own Akvo board member, Sunita Nadhamuni, shared her insights about ‘Improving rural governance through data and volunteers’. And Martijn Marijnis from ICCO shared his experiences using Akvo FLOW for household surveys in Indonesia.

We finished the day with an activity based on trust, by Niko Moreno Ruiz from NSA International. This activity, walking around blindfolded while being steered by another participant, is used in the rehabilitation of children who have been in stressful war situations.

For an impression of the day, check Frodo van Oostveens Flickr set. Charlotte Soedjak is a project officer at Akvo