speeddatingnailabb_480 After a month of planning and sending out invitations, it was finally time for Akvo Track Day on 23 May. This time it was also the first event we’d held in Nairobi, Kenya. Even though Nairobi’s traffic is well known to be horrendous, this did not stop the eager guests from arriving as early as 8:30am, which was half an hour before time! The location of the Track Day was the Nailab, one of Nairobi’s leading incubation and innovation centres for startup firms. Photo above: Speed dating session, at the opening of the Nairobi Akvo Track Day. Photo by Wamuyu Kiragu. After a cup of tea and an official welcome by Luuk Diphoorn, the growing group got into a lengthy speed date. This proved to be an excellent start to the day, as many of the attendants had never met before. Everyone had 2 minutes to introduce themselves to each other. Mark Charmer was at hand and ready to take the invitees through an Introduction to Akvo, the Track Day concept and the Akvo Tools. The very lively session captured the attention of the guests and led to a series of questions and an interaction session, leading to the tea break session. The speed dating session clearly was a successful one as it wasn’t easy to get everyone seated and ready for the next session. You can view Mark’s introduction to Akvo here on Akvo.tv. mcnailab_480 Photo: Mark Charmer running through the introduction to Akvo and Track Day. Photo by Wamuyu Kiragu. Pontus Westerberg of UN-Habitat was the next speaker up, and he spoke about the UN-Habitat’s Open Data initiative – see the video here. Siem Vaessen built on this with a presentation about Akvo Openaid and the new and improved Openaid.nl portal, followed by a very interactive Q&A session. ads-nyanza_480 There was also a chance for a number of partners using Akvo’s Really Simple Reporting (RSR) to speak about their experiences. Kevin Obware of KYFA, Paul Ogalo from CREATA, and Vincent Orwa from ADS-Nyanza each engaged the crowd with witty advice on how they have incorporated the use of RSR in their Football for Water and Connect4Change programs, and had great suggestions on how Akvo can improve RSR. You can watch their joint presentation here on Akvo.tv. The afternoon came, and it was time to hear from Sam Ombeki of CARE Kenya and Jared Oguta from Food for the Hungry (FH) Kenya, who are part of a consortium of NGO’s working under the Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) program in Kenya. They too gave a review on the use of Akvo FLOW, the video can be viewed here. francisflowpres_480 There was a fury of activities in the afternoon where the participants had the chance to engage in demo sessions for RSR with Luuk Diphoorn, FLOW with Francis Warui and the use of video with Mark Charmer. The idea was to have more interactive and illustrative sessions, where partners could actively engage and inquire about the specific Akvo tools. Below you find more pictures of the Track Day in Nairobi taken by Wamuyu Kiragu, by clicking on the montage. We have also setup a video playlist of all the presentations. trackdaynairobiset_480 One of the attendants wrote a nice blog on Techmoran the day after the event, which really gives a great insight on what the vibe was. That was the end of track day, but the beginning of a prolonged cocktail session with much more networking. All in all we had in total 63 people who attended the day, which we think is a fabulous number! We really look forward to hosting another Akvo Track Day in Kenya. And the day ended with a beautiful sunset, from the terrace of the NaiLab. sunsetnailab_480 Phylis Gichuru – Webi is partnerships assistant for the Akvo East Africa Hub, and is based in Nairobi.