It’s just seven days until the Akvo autumn Track Day, hosted on Thursday 11 October 2012 at our AmLab HQ in Amsterdam. This time we’ve worked to really bring to life the issues our partners face as they introduce Akvo tools into international development programmes.

In addition to our own team talking, I’m excited to have Euan Semple join us to talk about social media and the opportunities and challenges you will come up against as you encourage people across your networks to post status updates and share progress. Euan will speak, and then run two workshops with me – he’s the author of a great book called “Organisations Don’t Tweet, People Do” and has influenced my own approach a great deal at Akvo.

We’re also joined by Manuel Salazar from Mars Inc, who will be describing how the organisation is working in new ways with Cocoa farmers in West Africa, and we have Jura Khrapunov describing UNDP’s work to introduce Akvo RSR to development programmes in Central Europe. We also have Abdul Hafiz Koroma from the Liberian Ministry of Public Works outlining how Akvo FLOW has been used in Liberia.

Below is a sneak draft preview of the full programme. You can click on it to see it in its full graphic glory. Thanks a lot to Linda Leunissen for the design. Anyone who spots the three four typos that are still in this draft gets a free cocktail off me at the post-event drinks.

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