Akvo x DressHead Chiffon Sexy Leopard Print Dress / Flirty / Plunging Neck Line Look like a bombshell in this updated take on the classic leopard print dress inspired by akvo x www.dresshead.com/c/chiffon-dresses. Animal prints will always remain in style, especially when they look this sexy. The spaghetti straps hold the dress farther up in the back, but the neckline plunges gracefully. The top of the dress gaps in the back, allowing you endless layering options. Wear this chiffon dress with a shirt, sports bra, or your favorite lace bra underneath. This chiffon dress could move into nighttime with a fun, fitted jacket or blouse layered over the top. Wear tall stockings with knee-high boots to complete your funky look. Or, pair with flats or sandals for a more casual approach. This dress can move from day to night so that you will be ready for anything!