Akvopedia is now interlinked with projects in Akvo RSR. This link exchange will help RSR project teams improve or share background know-how on the low-cost appropriate technologies they’re using. And Akvopedia users will have access to actual field examples of the technology they are curious about, already in use, right on the technology page they are looking at within Akvopedia.

Each water and sanitation project in Akvo RSR involves specific water technologies – usually low cost, appropriate technologies – and has a specific location. For instance bush pumps in an Indian village or community-led sanitation in a Kenyan city. Now many of these RSR project pages include a link to the Akvopedia page of the technology that is being used, and each Akvopedia technology page can have a “field experience” section that contains links to one or more relevant projects in RSR.

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Above: A Life-WASH project in RSR is now featured in the “Field experiences” section of Akvopedia pages relating to Desalination/evaporationArsenic filterIron filter and Hygiene and Health focused promotion. The same project now features a section with links to these articles in Akvopedia on its RSR page.

Following Mathieu Weggeman’s knowledge management theory that Knowledge = Information x Experience, Skills and Attitude (K= I x ESA), our aim is to link theory to practice and lessons learned in order to create a more highly competent resource for Akvopedia and RSR users. Akvopedia offers information – however with the link to RSR projects, it moves beyond just providing information by offering the element of experience. At the same time, RSR offers a glimpse into experience, while Akvopedia adds skills and information, so RSR project viewers also gain more competent knowledge to use for their own projects.

Connecting technologies and approaches to actual projects where these technologies have been implemented is done entirely by hand by checking which technologies have been applied in which projects and embedding the links and text by hand on both the RSR-page and Akvopedia article page. Currently there are 74 RSR projects linked to Akvopedia, however this is just the beginning as manually exchanging links to the more than 1,100 projects in RSR will take some time.

Akvopedia is an online resource supporting knowledge sharing on water and sanitation. Anyone can use it as well as contribute information to it. Akvopedia currently houses 789 articles in English.

Akvo RSR is a web and Android-based system that makes it easy for development aid teams to bring complex networks of projects online and instantly share progress with everyone involved and interested. More than 1,500 organisations have posted projects in Akvo RSR. 

Emily Armanetti is a communications manager at Akvo. She is based in New York City. With thanks to Winona Azure and Hans Merton for input on the content.